I Want a Website But I’m Overwhelmed!

I receive a lot of the same questions/concerns from wanna-be website owners. Let’s face it. Getting started can be a very overwhelming process.

From choosing the right web host, deciding on the perfect niche to selecting the right domain name and then totaling up all the costs involved.

Whew! It can be intimidating at first. So below you’ll find my responses to many of the common questions/concerns I’ve received from people wanting to create their first website.

There Are Too Many Sites On My Topic

Obviously you want to avoid very broad topics (i.e. employment, kids or sports, etc.) and stay away from heavily saturated niches like making money online, etc. If you’re looking at topics that are too broad, then of course you’re going to encounter a lot of competition.

But if there is a well defined niche you want to go after, don’t back off just because you’ve noticed a handful of sites that exist on the topic. A little competition is a good thing and will keep you on your toes. ­čśë

Just because someone else has a site on a topic you’re interested in, doesn’t mean you won’t be able to rank high enough to receive good traffic in Google, Yahoo, etc. If your site becomes a hit with your audience, they will link to you voluntarily and this will help your search engine rankings.

You can actually use competition to your advantage by improving upon what your competition has already done. Think about facts or features they didn’t include that you could add to your site. There’s almost always a better way of explaining or presenting something, so capitalize on that with your site.

I Am Not Good With Computers!

I hear this one all the time, and it’s the most common reason people hesitate to get started or outsource their website design completely.

Now I’ll admit. I’ve always been pretty comfortable around computers. I’ve had one in my house since 1986 and before the Internet became popular, I was usually sitting in front of the monitor, mesmerized by some role-playing game. ­čśë

However when it comes to creating websites, I’m not so sure much of that experience came in handy, other than being familiar with the general computer functions (opening and closing programs, saving, etc.)

So my point is, even if you aren’t particularly savvy with computers, that doesn’t mean you’ll have no chance at success with a website.

Now don’t get me wrong. You do need some levels of patience with computers and feeling intimidated by the machine is not going to make the website creation process fun. You will need a basic understanding of folder and file structures on your computer, but that’s pretty easy to pickup with time.

So don’t sell yourself short just because you aren’t computer savvy or you don’t have a computer-related or Web design degree. I certainly don’t and I’m managing pretty well for someone who is completely self-taught on website creation and management.

With programs like Dreamweaver and CoffeeCup at your disposal, along with templates to help get your design started; you can learn enough to create a decent website without being particularly computer savvy.

I Don’t Know Enough About Anything to Make an Interesting Website

When I hear people say that, I feel they aren’t digging deep enough or don’t fully understand the concept of generating money from an information website.

We all have something we are passionate about or at least have a great deal of knowledge on. And you don’t have to stick to tutorial-based sites. It can be something comedic or fun.

For example, say you love reality TV. You could create a site or blog that rants about the ridiculous things that happen on your favorite reality shows. You could make it funny or sarcastic and spice it up with your own personality.

With the help of Google ads and other entertainment-related affiliate programs, your site can become a money-making machine if you can generate enough interest.

So don’t take the process so seriously as you brainstorm. If you don’t have a special skill or hobby you can write about, think about your day-to-day life. What are you always talking to your friends and family about? What bugs you? What makes you laugh?

Or is there something you’d like to know more about? Often times people build sites on topics they’ve recently experienced and then they research it to learn more about it.

When I created flat-stomach-exercises.com, I wasn’t a fitness guru. (I’m still not.) I experienced some tummy flab issues as I entered into my late 20’s, so I picked up a few books along the way and began educating myself.

As I learned about the topic, I began to write articles for my website in my own words. So I became enough of an expert to create an informative site based on what I learned. You can take this same approach if you are struggling to find a topic.

I Don’t Have Much Time To Work On My Site

The great thing about owning a website is you have the flexibility of working on it when you want. That being said, if you don’t have a lot of time to invest into building and managing your site then don’t expect miracles when it comes to making money (if that’s your goal).

You definitely get out of this what you put into it. And while I would love to say I only work 2 hours per week on my site, I’d be lying to you.

I work hard, but the beauty is I love what I do. And when you enjoy the process, you don’t mind spending the time building, managing and promoting your site.

If your site is information-based, you’ll find it may require less maintenance once the traffic starts coming in and your site is more established. For most of my sites, I can leave for months if I want and still generate income because the traffic levels are high enough to keep the money coming in.

I no longer have to devote the kind of time I used to, however I had to work hard to get to that point and that meant devoting several hours per week until my site reached that desired level of success.

Nothing in life is free or easy, so if you want success, you have to put in the effort and time.


Be sure to download my free book, The Perfect Site Guide.  It will cover the basics of choosing a topic, creating and marketing your site or blog.

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  1. says

    Talk about memories. I remember going through the paces to build my first website. I really had to do some self training on that one. I used Microsoft publisher because that is all I had. My next site, I used NU. After that, I simply used WordPress because even I could understand that adequately. I totally empathise with those that are considering their first site, it will certainly be a learning experience.

  2. says

    What kept me going was my love for it , kind of like having a child: there was a pride and joy as a result of creating something from nothing and watching it grow.
    Excellent article, thank you!

  3. says

    Howdy Lisa,

    Talk about memories. I remember going through the paces to build my first website. I really had to do some self training on that one. I used Microsoft publisher because that is all I had. My next site, I used NU. After that, I simply used WordPress because even I could understand that adequately. I totally empathise with those that are considering their first site, it will certainly be a learning experience.

  4. says

    This is a really great post. I think that many people don’t have time to update their websites. They are very quick with building them, but maintaining is a different task. Maybe if you make some sales it would motivate you more to update your site!

  5. says

    This really a good idea for building your own website. And for sufia you can try building website’s using wordpress.org or blogger this site lets you build your own website’s for free, and if you have built a good reputation on it. You can also buy your website.

  6. says

    @John Media

    Even if while blogging you don’t generally create a web site itself you still have to have a subject, be able to write desirable content and then actually start marketing yourself. Your readers aren’t going to magically appear out of nowhere.

    Excellent article, thank you!

  7. Eddie says

    Hi lisa,

    Love the way your teaching everybody and how you keep it real, god bless you for all that..

    my question is, what do you think about the so called commission black ops program and if you think it would be a good investment ?


  8. R.Pott says

    Hi Lisa! My name is Rich and I live in Manchester UK. I’m new to this website building thing and I feel really overwhelmed! I know you’ve heard this type of problem many times before, but I don’t know where to start! I have an idea for a site, I’ve researched my ” idea” and found a few site that are similar, but not the same. Is there a site, company, someone or something that I can put my idea to and get help and advice to build my website?

  9. says

    I’ve been trying to follow Lisa step by step. I read most of her post. However, I purchased a .com from websitepalace. I regret to report that customer support is very poor. The many times I’ve called for support I am still have the same problem. Yes it is deeply confusing, frustrating it appear these web masters are only out for your money. But I intend to learn this on my own.

    • says

      @ dangmale Email me at the contact form on this blog. I will see if I can help. WP’s customer support is generally great. I’m a customer too and I call in frequently to spy and see the help my customers are getting. I’d love to see if I can help you out.

  10. says

    I do have to agree 100% that the first site is always overwhelming in terms of outlook. For me, it was the fear of not knowing what to do, and the same time the doubt that I could fail and all the hours spent on building my site will not be worth. But what I have learned is that for the first site, its always better if you follow your passion or interest.

  11. says

    A very interesting and encouraging post. When I started blogging in 2008, I was a complete newbie but it didn’t take me long to start getting the hang of it. What kept me going was my love for it , kind of like having a child: there was a pride and joy as a result of creating something from nothing and watching it grow.

  12. says

    I struggled to creat a decent website until I discovered WordPress. I am now a big fan, you can easily creat a good looking site and get a plugin to make it do more or less what you want. You don’t need any technical knowledge and best of all its free.

  13. says

    You don’t have to have knowledge to know all of those things to have a blog site. All you have to do is learn the basics and your good to go.

  14. says

    I recommend most people who want to do it themselves start with a online website builder, for exactly that reason too many options. HTML, web hosting, domain html editors, ftp can be a bit much.

    I do custom web design, but for people with a small budget & not alot of patience to learn to build one I also offer a site builder to allow them to put something decent up asap, then upgrade when possible, also it allows them to learn what they do and don’t like on their website, it’s like building a site with training wheels :)

    Also I’m very suspect of anything free, like Lisa I have seen many “FREE host, website builders, etc” just close up shop along with your website. Also many of them spam you to upgrade to a paying plan.

  15. says

    Overwhelmed? Absolutely.
    English is my second language.
    Two kids and wife.
    Want to make money fast? Yes, like everybody else.
    Pefectionist? Yes. I want to read everything and implement everything, and too have the best content…

    Almost everyday I am trying to remind myself, you cannot build a website today, you need at least one year to have a steady traffic and enough pages.

    How to eat an elephant? In small bites.

    I have two sites with an average 150 pages and keep growing as the traffic.
    .-= Zee┬┤s last blog … Rheem Solar Water Heaters Review =-.

  16. Joshua says

    I love all the info. Very helpful. I would like to say that while I like the videos, sometimes you talk too much and give more info then needed, even for beginers. I just find myself tuning out sometimes.

    All in all, good work though.


  17. Joel says

    Hi Lisa,
    I am a fan of yours, I just got my adsense disabled for illegitimately clicking on ads.
    How does google know when I am clicking vs. when traffic is clicking? please help me with this strange technology phenomenon.

  18. says

    I agree with you Lisa. I knew very little when I started blogging. I am a newbie and learning more everyday as I persist. I learn from you Lisa and many others. It is about helping each other. I am constantly changing, revising, and reviewing techniques. Finding what works for me and what does not work.
    .-= Betty┬┤s last blog … How To Recognize If Your Toddler Is A Leader =-.

  19. says


    If I had the skills I would do this…since I do not I offer it to you as an idea to consider for yourself…and maybe even contact Ken about partnering with…sorry my MBA always has me thinking about biz opportunities like this…

    How about creating a method and service to help both Website owners (SBIers…etc) to become Web 2.0 WordPress bloggers to supplement vice abandon their SBI sites – a huge and reliable market to tap as you know – AND – help Web 2.0 WP blog owners also build a more static website as you’ve done – with your service and/or SBIs for instance – and help them get set up and going. Must be simple, effective, SEO advantageous etc etc.

    Anyhow just a thought…wish I had a website and blog (both) versus one only…LIKE YOU…am sure others think likewise…wish I had the skills to implement this idea myself! How about a turnkey solution for us?!
    .-= Michael Erik┬┤s last blog … Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-02-21 =-.

  20. says

    People shouldn’t let not know how to use computers or create sites hold them back. I didn’t know anything about it when I first started. The best way to learn is by doing. You have to fail to move forward. You will make mistakes, but you will learn from your mistakes and getting better and better the more you do.

    Take Care, Heidi
    .-= Heidi Passey┬┤s last blog … Building A List Fast Through JV Giveaways =-.

  21. markie says

    Hi Lisa
    i am just trying to get to grips with the idea of having my very own website business, not sure if i can say what business incase i break any rules as i have never done forum/ blog before, but i guess its ok to say iam a passionate gardener, and want to try building a website around my passion, i just dont know how, but thanks to you i will study your help pages, wasted days on another website company who i recently pulled out of, as it was far too dificult for me to get to grips with.

  22. Nikki says

    Hey Lisa, I just wanted to say your websites are awesome. I find it amazing that you make so much money off the web you don’t have to work. I’m still having trouble thinking of website ideas because I’m so boring!

  23. says

    So many of my clients decide to register their own domain name and hosting. That’s fine and it of course saves them money – but it makes a big headache for me when I have to login to all these different control panels to admin them. Worst of all – and it’s happend twice now – because the client is responsible for the renewals, they often forget and their email and site turn off!
    .-= Ian Blackford website design Telford┬┤s last blog … Studio 72 Case Study =-.

  24. Linda says

    Hello Everyone,

    I am interested in becoming an affiliate marketer and will be a successful one thanks to Lisa. I’ve found Lisa to be an expert and translate this industry well. I just want to commend her on all of her hard work and I am glad to join the Blogs and continue to gather information from this site. I feel pretty confident now after discovering her. Lisa your definitely a friend in my head!

  25. says

    I like your post guys. This is very helpful to those planning to have a new a site or those started to make a fisrt website.

    Zuphel (a.k.a. easysitebuild.com)

  26. angel says

    Hi Lisa God bless you. my name is angel i saw you on you tube and decided to check out your website 2createawebsite.com and seeing your expertise in online marketing i just wanted to ask you your opinion on a niche im thinking of, see i have a friend that works for a company that sets up and basically works with anything that has to do with computers and printers. He tells me that companies charge people an arm and a leg to fix basic, simple , everyday problems that people have with their computers, so im thinking of creating a quick easy guide (probably video demonstration) to fixing their own computers themselves and charging them only 15% of what they would originally pay with a company. my goal is to make a 6 figure income but not for the reasons you might be thinking right now, you see all my my life up this point i have watched my mother struggle with money to provide for me and my two younger brothers. she lost her job about a year ago as a manager of a sally’s beauty salon but later found a part time job in jc penny , thanks to my almighty Jesus he gave me a job when she lost hers that pays me good to pay everything we have to pay but we live paycheck to paycheck and there are times when we barely pay things. not only that but i want to be able to help others who are not as fortunate as me. im sorry if this is coming off as self righteous because that’s not what im trying to put off , i just thought you should know a little about whose randomly writing to you , lol. so yea until you write back God bless you and just felt led to tell you Jesus loves you through all and any mistakes you have made and he loves you the same with or without your achievements , with unconditional love

    hope you have a blessed day

  27. says

    i like 2 be up here but it look like it is boring and i need a website so i can go on my self sp everybody can make one but sorry that i don’t like it but maybe i will make me one up here so thanks 4 every thing?

  28. Jamez says

    Great, now I’ve started following, Lisa.
    I’ve just downloaded the “Blue Voda Website Builder”
    I hope it’s efficient.

    Thank you, Lisa!!!

  29. Jamez says

    As I understand, I have to learn the both ones (HTLM + CSS), not only either of them?

    I’ve just found on Amazon two books (The Best-Practice Guide to XHTML & CSS) and (The Zen Of CSS Design)

    Woud you recommend me to buy them both?

  30. Jamez Monroe says

    Hi, Lisa!

    How do you do?

    I’ve just finished reading your “The Perfect Site Guide” which is very interesting and useful.

    May I introduce myself?

    I’m Jamez Monroe. I’m a singer, songwriter, arranger and producer. I’m also setting up my own indie music label.
    I produce commercial music goes in R’n’B and Disco-House, Electro-House direction.
    This month I’m supposed to finish my debut album.

    I’ve been studying the business on line for a year now in the meanwhile. I bought a lot of literature concerns how to promote your music on line etc.

    I actually have given it a thought of building up my own website yesterday only, as I realized that it didn’t make much sense to rely on other webmakers. One of the reason is that they’re hardly available when you need them.

    After I had read your book, I became more determined about doing it myself.
    The point is, that it doesn’t include enough relevant information concerning people’s target like mine.

    I’d like to have a sophisticated looking website which matches the music I make, so that it attracts night club people (chosey women in particular, who’re interested in sexy songs and sexy stylish ambience)

    Spending countless hours on the internet is my aim, investing money is also all right and patience is a friend of mine.

    So, if you could give me a few additional tips so that I take it from there, I’d be very grateful.

    Would the SBI be good for me?

    I’m looking very forward to hearing from you soon.


    • says

      Hi Jamez, if a sleek design is what you’re after then it’s best to either learn HTML and CSS or hire someone. SBI!’s out of the box template is very basic. Probably too basic for what you need, BUT you can go outside of their template builder and do your own design even if you choose them. But again, it goes back to either learning to design yourself or hiring someone else.

      I would highly recommend taking a crash course over at HTMLDog.com and learning yourself. You’ll save money and you’ll have the freedom to do what you want. Then if you decide to choose SBI!, you’ll get all the marketing training and you’ll have the skills to improve your site yourself.

      • Jamez says

        Hi, Lisa!

        Thank you for having given me the useful piece of information.
        But, what if I choose the both? Wouldn’t that be even better for me??

        What hosts work best for musicians, music labels?

        • says

          Most hosts are the same. SBI! is an exception because you get the training and brainstorming advice. When it comes to design, that’s going to be up to you so you can use any of the hosts I recommend on my site. All regular hosting is virtually the same when it comes to plans and features.

          You can’t host your site on two different servers so it’s really best to decide which is best for you. If ranking well in the engines and traffic is very important to you and you don’t mind paying extra for training then SBI! is an excellent choice.

          If you want to save some money and go on your own (yes, you can still learn on your own how to market/promote your site) then you should use a regular $10/month or less host. It’s really up to your individual needs.

          No matter which kind of host you choose, you are on your own for the design.

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