Blog or Website? Which is Better? [Video]

My thoughts on this topic… video style!

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    Hey there! This is kind of off topic but I need some guidance from an established blog.
    Is it very difficult to set up your own blog? I’m not very techincal but I can figure
    things out pretty quick. I’m thinking about making my own
    but I’m not sure where to begin. Do you have any ideas or suggestions?

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    Hi Lisa,
    Great video and still relevant in 2013! I have been toying with the idea of starting a blog to supplement my 5-month-old evergreen web site. I believe it would add a nice, personal, story-telling element – so key with readers today – that is missing from the static site. Ideally, it would help drive traffic to the site as well.

    Here’s my dilemma…I’m working on getting quality back links now as part of my traffic building strategy. I’ve read that having a blog from a high PR source (blogher, blogspot, etc.) that points to your own site is a smart strategy. I’ve also heard all the reasons why free blogs should be avoided. Perhaps I should focus on doing guest posts for high PR blogs and then do my own blog as part of my site??

    I noticed you have both a web site AND a blog and that your blog is also set up as a “section” of your web site. I like that set up. In addition…your comment to avoid attempting both at once really hit home. Based on that, I’ll continue to work just on the site and will plan to add the blog in 2014…not that far away. Any advice or suggestions would be most appreciated! Thanks for all your GREAT content!

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      The good news is though you don’t have to create two separate sites like I did. You can just create static pages on your menu and create a tab called “blog” that points to your blog content. Just create a category in WordPress called “Blog” and add that to the menu. If I could start over I’d do it that way.

      • says

        Thanks for responding so quickly! I’ll follow your suggestion and add the blog to the main menu soon. Having it as part of the site should make it easy – or easier – to manage both the static pages and the posts as well. (I hope!) Thanks again. Appreciate the help.

  3. says

    Thanks for that infromaton Lisa..even if it a few years old..:) Still relevant. I’m keen to build a website eventually but have just begun a blog. I’m taking on board your advice about not trying to promote the two at the same time. Too anxiety producing.

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    I wanted to add this observation about blogs. It seemd people are buried reading their feeds and spend very little time digesting blog content.

    I lot of short thoughtless comments thank yous, you’re great, i hate you…

    For any subject of complexity or multiple steps that take more brains and how to stick with a website.

    I also wonder with SE will start to evaluate blogs differently that could reduce their ranking because of the amount of junk talk that goes on there?

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    Thanks Lisa,
    It seems everyone has a blog of some sort now. But not everyone is building websites. I learn it is not always good following the crowd.

    I have a currently a 1 year old website. I will use a blog to support it and to notify of new content. Maybe use it to hold contest or free drawings too.

    I love the point of focusing what the code was designed for. WP (blog) for frequent updates while websites are for more stable content.

    That really helped me decide what to do and what I should focus on.

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    I have a website. Was wondering if it is better to use the blog feature on that, or start a new blog with wordpress (or like that). Also, should I have a domain name for my blog (unless I use the one from my site). And, there are millions of places for Realtors to blog. Should I do several or just one?
    (ie: my own or on sites that blog like active rain for example)
    Thanks for your help!

  7. Rob says

    For the purpose of selling a lot of small collectible items (magazines, etc) which would you say is more effective; a website or a blog?


    PS: you’re beautiful

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    Hi Lisa,

    Thank you for that video, but it doesn’t exactly answer my question. What about having a blog within the website itself? I am relatively new to all of this though I did build the website myself. I’m trying to go it “old school” and give something to the web community that in itself today is rather unique. Do many websites have blogs within their sites? I have just resubmitted my site to the search engines after it sat dormant for several months, but now I think it’s just about ready to go.


  9. Wayne says

    I’m planning to create an anime site on Tld and hostgator server or websitepalace. Im just hesitant if it would survive even just to pay annual fees, Im wondering how sure it could earn even just for the bills otherwise I’ll get it hosted in free sites like blogspot or Im not trying to get rich, I just want my site to pay for its own.

    Any advice?

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    Thanks, I really enjoy your videos.
    I just wanted to make a quick note about about WordPress. If someone is interested in setting up a website but doesn’t necessarily know how to code. ((I definitely recommend learning html if your interested in running a blog or website. It’s easy than you may think)) Anyway you can actually create a website using WordPress blog software quite easily and with features that are already built into the system even if you don’t currently know html.

    As Lisa mentioned one of the differences between a blog and a website are the date stamps on a blog, and the need to always be updated. Where as content on a website especially a tutorial site are somewhat timeless and don’t need to be updated at least not as often.

    A word press blog whether installed on your web server or at has a feature under “reading” in the general settings section that allows you to create a “static” home page. This setting allows you to turn off the rolling feature of wordpress and because all other pages outside of the main “Home” page are static by nature. You will essentially have the foundation for a website.

    With a bit of education regarding code you can rather easily delete the date stamp in the word press appearance section under “editor”. I’ve been coding website for around 10 years, what I like about wordpress even as a base for a website is that it allows you to focus on content writing and less time formatting html, css etc.

    In fact many of the websites that you may come accross that appear to be traditional websites by nature are acutally word press. Take for example, it’s completely built on word press.

    Anyway just though that might help, just have fun no matter which way you go :)

  11. says

    Hey Lisa. Glad I found you! You have answered some of my questions already about blogging and other social media. I’m following you on twitter and I added some of your posts to digg. btw – don’t worry about the bhd because the hat is cute on you.
    .-= Ileane´s last blog … Passwords For Days =-.

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    hello lisa,
    i need help on getting started. i have a blog and i purchase a domain . can i make money from blogger and should i use the domain for a website? what do know domain about park domain and can i get a website on hostgator?

    Have not made a dime,yet, but some impressions. Help!!!
    .-= sjam´s last blog … Long Healthy Hair =-.

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    Hi Lisa,

    I’ve been following your blog for awhile and it has been quite informative and helpful. That was good advice to Julie regarding WordPress but I’m not sure if everyone understands that there is a and a The dotcom is like Blogger in that you have limited capability. The dotorg allows you total freedom to modify and upload files to the server of your choice.

    BTW: I’ve been using WordPress for websites AND blogs. Just set the software to use a static page for home rather than a blogpage. There are also numerous templates for magazine style sites. I have also used the template tags to put time sensitive copy in a sidebar and labeled it as news.

    It’s an awesome platform that provides pre-programmed functionality for designers and pre designed layouts for programmers with as easy to use interface for newbies.
    .-= Darryl´s last blog … Message to the Music Industry: Go Ahead and Die Already =-.

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    Hi Lisa

    Thanks for the video. My website is a service based site that does not promote or sell products but rather time based consultancy in the aged care industry within Sydney, Australia. The site was created in 2007 and due to lack of knowledge and skill both by myself and the webdesigner I originally used, it is not google friendly and thus few if any visitors. Another internet marketer has suggested adding a blog to this website to increase traffic and gain more exposure. I am puzzled as to how this will work if the website isn’t attracting visitors how will having a blog attached to this website overcome this issue.

    Any thoughts or suggestions would be most appreciated.

    Kind regards


    • says

      The blog will ONLY bring traffic to your site if you learn to promote the blog. Blogs tend to get more search engine love and get traffic faster than websites because they are updated frequently. The SE’s love fresh content. However, if you aren’t going to update the blog a lot then it’s not going to do your site any good.

      There’s nothing wrong with wanting a blog to help build traffic to your site, but you should still have a strategy for your blog that will make it worth visiting. And if you are going to put all that time and work into developing a strategy for the blog, you might as well put that same energy into your website.

      Read up on SEO and promotion. You may discover that the solution is to build up what you already have.

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    Hi Lisa,

    I’m going to begin a website but have a question for you. I’ve watched a bunch of your videos (thank you) and I see the advantage of purchasing a SBI site. However, since I do not have $300 extra money right now and I am not a beginner (I know dreamweaver, etc.) I can create a pretty good site. However, I’m worried about keyword and traffic which SBI has something built-in. My question is, “is there anything that you know of that I can purchase or a program that can help me with SEO and keywords, etc. that’s not $300? Because I’d really like to get started, but don’t want to pay that much just for the keyword feature.


    • says

      Hi Marjorie, you don’t HAVE to buy SBI! to learn all those things. You can simply google SEO and there are a ton of sites out there that can help. SEOMOZ, searchenginewatch, etc. I don’t want to give the impression SBI! is the ONLY way. It’s just a very good way because you get all the tools in one place. Keep in mind I have created successful sites without it. I just like to recommend it as a good option for beginners.

  16. says

    Hey just wanted to ask , you update twitter with ALL your new videos , right? I love the videos , though I don’t follow the website much and find it easier just to check twitter.

    • says

      Hi Nick,

      Yes, I now tweet about my video updates, and I also tweet about things I’m working on or interesting facts I find. So stay tuned! :)

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    I have both, website is hosted by yahoo. I create the site myself with their sitebuilder program. I have used it before with another business I had. It works great for me. I get a domain name and hosting and site creation for about $14/month. And I have a free blog from blogger. I linked my page to my blog and vice versa. I can track the stats on the website from in my account. Very helpful in letting me see how people are being referred to my site.

  18. Kosmo says

    I used to live in the country. Ever see a cat circling a grown rabbit? The cat knows it wants it, but the rabbit is so strange and big, the cat visibly appears nervous and hesitant to to approach. Usually, the cat will bat at it a few times, stare and wander off confused and frustrated with itself.

    Im the cat, this site is the rabbit. Ive been circling for weeks. After grilling myself for weeks, I finally have a question:

    I think Ive struck search engine gold, a set of terms that has been a question Ive heard a million times and yet no actual sites answering it. To me, it looks like El Dorado, and it seems to fit a number of your eminently helpful advice. Digression: Your site is simply outstanding on more levels than I tried to count.

    So the question may seem dull, but Im trying to work up the nerve to act. Am I to understand that if I were to create a lot (and I mean a lot; I have a lot of genuinely expert advice to release) of text,- essentially an open online e-book, (particulars of SEO aside) I could garner traffic to fill this search void, and thus perhaps ad revenue associated with it?

    You see, Im passionate about it and related subjects, there appears to be a search vacuum, incessant In real Life Interest, and both my heart & brain are bursting with helpful data on it. Theres other avenues to distribute it, but this one feels right. Its one of the few things I can say I could die happily broke doing if I just broke even, and I can only say that, I think, because my math instinct I’ll do so much better.

    Lots of content, right? Like yours, if I were so skilled. I know I have to do some advertising etc, but am I to understand that its large volumes of content that can pull the traffic via the search engines? Im essentially reading this site from beginning to end, but I just hoped you could clarify the notion that “content is king” and “information is the web’s prime commodity”.

  19. says

    Hi Valerie,

    Friend traffic is always good but you want targeted traffic i.e. people searching for topics you write about. So read up on SEO (search engine optimization) and learn about getting into google, yahoo, live, etc. That will take you far. Commenting on blogs can help but it’s best to comment on blogs related to your niche. That will give you a greater chance of getting clicks from other curious/interested commentors.

  20. says

    Hey Lisa.
    Wow, so nice to see a young smart woman of color imparting some tech
    knowledge to the masses. I’m going to subscribe now that I’ve found your blog.
    I have a weak web site that I have to totally revamp, as it was totally created in Photoshop with NO HTML at all. It was a quick, but not very smart, solution.
    My blog is for people to see my most recent video work. The big problem is driving traffic to it. I’ve been told that if I comment on other people’s blogs (like yours) that somehow this will let the web spiders know that I exist somewhere in cyberspace.
    Should I get friends to visit my blog and leave comments? That would help too, yes? Thanks!

  21. says

    Hi Ray,

    Glad I could shed some light. Either way is up to you. If you feel you would like the hand-holding, marketing help, a community of helpful customers and can afford it, then go with SBI! With website palace, yes you save lots of money but there is not much hand holding. Sure you can learn on your own (as I did) but there is no step by step tutorial for making money like there is with SBI!. I always say, if you can afford Site Build It! and making money is important to you then go with it. If it’s not in your budget go with a traditional host like website palace and you can still learn the ropes on your own. Make Google your best friend. :)

  22. raymccartney says

    dear lisa

    somehow i stumbled onto your site? yesterday, I read your entire site at least 5 times before I went to bed. I really have been trying to find a way to get into this affilate website thing and your site finally explained it to me in simple ways i could understand! I am still confused and not sure what to do yet

    my question is should i wait until i come up with the money for site build it? or should i go with someone like website palace , and then add the traffic blazer and other traffic marketing tools that are out there? what do you think?

    thanks ray

  23. says

    Hi Michele

    This blog is hosted at HostGator but you can also use Website Palace (their regular hosting, NOT Website Tonight). They finally started allowing “one-quick blog installs” on Website Palace so setting up your blog is now just as easy as Hostgator.

  24. Michele says

    Lisa, I’m hopelessly confused. I was on 2planawebsite and it linked me to 2createawebsite (which I’m almost all the way through by the way!) with regard to creating a blog. You say that you use Hostgator. Is that where your sites are hosted? Just your blogs? Both? Yikes! Thanks for any help you can give me.

  25. says

    I like the thought of having both. A website full of high quality content such as Lisa’s 2createawebsite and a blog attached to it with posts talking about or dicussing the different topics.
    The blog sends visitors to your main site, where your readers can get great value products based on your topic and earn you some income for your effort.

  26. says

    Nice video – will do like you have and incorporate a blog into my existing website for sale business broker listings so I can blog about current issues facing buyers and sellers and all sorts of topics that seem to be relevant and common in the website selling niche.

    david fairley

  27. says

    Julie, any time you use a free host you run the risk of losing your site without warning. I know someone who lost their blogger account for an unknown reason.

    The reason you can’t host Google ads when you use a free hosted WordPress site is they do not support javascript so the ads cannot load. It’s best to use WordPress on your own domain name as I have here.

    So first register a domain then use a host like Hostgator because setting up a WordPress blog is done in a few steps with a host that has CPanel. Then you’ll own the domain (instead of relying on WordPress) and you’ll be able to host your own Google ads and won’t have to worry about your site getting shut down, etc.

  28. Julie says

    Hello Lisa,

    I want to 1st congratulate you on your huge success. I’m awestruck by your talent, success and very happy and proud to see the following that you have, especially as a young, African American woman! WAY-TO-GO!!!

    Lisa, PLEASE answer this with some guidance for me. I’ve been studying sooooo many programs, videos and reading over the past 2 weeks on BLOGGING, and last night I came across one site that completely through me for a loop.

    After everything that I’ve learned – this woman said that if you use WordPress – without OWNING it yourself – (downloading it onto your website) that they can SHUT YOU DOWN WITHOUT NOTICE and your entire site is gone! PLUS, WHAT REALLY SHOCKED ME was when she said that Word Press did NOT allow you to put GOOGLE AD SENSE ads on their blogs – this would be another reason for shutting your site down. I was stunned! This contradicted everything that I had learned over the past few weeks!

    So, I don’t know what to do! I am truly dedicated to building what I think has the potential for being a huge success but after hearing that about WordPress on someone who claims to be an authority – I’m confused and don’t know where to begin.


    Thank you so much.

    Very sincerely,

    Julie W.

  29. says

    Blogs are better for newbies but for the mroe experienced they may want to try a more powerful CMS such as Joomla! or Drupal or maybe even start a social network with PHPfox or some other script. Blogs are a bit more personal as well, you can’t avoid that but having a CMS can make it a little more impersonal and more business like.

  30. says

    Hi Lisa,

    Nice video. And I love the hat. Had many BHD’s myself.

    I think blogs would be easier but I couldn’t stand the pressure of having to produce something all the time. I’d probably be stressing out over while I was on vacation too. Kind of defeats the purpose. I’ll be sticking to websites for the time being anyway.

    • camilla says

      You could use software that lets you schedule posts to be added to your blog. Before you go on holiday write a few posts then schedule them to be added to your blog one post at a time every week for example. Just an idea.

  31. says

    Hi Lisa,

    Thanks for the video explaining the pros and cons of blogging versus maintaining a website.

    In fact, just this morning I was wondering whether or not starting a blog might help to promote my websites, but after watching your video I think that perhaps I’ll wait awhile. I like the idea of using a blog as an extension of my website like you have done with yours.

    Also, the hat is fine :)

  32. says

    Danard, I think it’s great you are getting excited about your blog and are seeing activity. I would definitely add categories to your blog to make it easier to sort through the content, however. I know you want people to read everything but having everything on one page does not necessarily ensure people will read more. In fact it could overwhelm a lot of people.

    Don’t worry about trying to get everyone to see everything at once. If they like one post, they’ll likely search your blog for more. And if you have your content broken up into categories you may find your readership may increase even more. Always test… test… test.

    If you look at the most popular blogs they are always divided up into categories and make finding things easy.

  33. says

    Hi Lisa,
    I really don’t know which is better, Websites are a blog…

    But Right NOW!…I’m going with my blog, because for the first time in my entire LIFE onLine… I ACTUALLY REcieved SearchEngine Traffic to my BLOG!!!!!…On May 28,2008. I found this out using google analytics, I read an article of yours expressioning that using google analytics. Is a good way to let google know when you updated your blog or website… There was only one visitor, which on may 28, 2008 (Yesterday!) From seo traffic, and this person stay over 4 minutes on my blog, viewed 3 pages of my blog and found my blog using two keywords…
    I’ve never been so excited in my LIFE!!!…So what should I do next to keep it COMING, and does this mean I’m Ranked and/or indexed in google search engines…

    P.S. I have about 14 about to be 15 post on One page for my blog…I do this because when someone visits my blog, i want to make sure they find something interesting in it…
    (What do you recommend!)
    Hmmmmm….I wonder if they click on my adsense ads??? =)

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