$365 in Google AdSense Earnings For One Day

google adsense earnings

*** Please note that these earnings are from 5 websites and my 3 active YouTube channels! ***

If you follow me on YouTube, you probably saw my video about my phone call with Google.

As stated, I didn’t learn too much from that call, but I did implement three things that seem to have made a difference in my earnings over the last few weeks…

1) I Removed Low-Performing Units

Low-performing units drive your overall click through rates down, which could impact how many AdWords advertisers you attract.

The 468×60 unit has always performed pretty poorly for me, so I’m not sure why I stuck with it for so long.   Perhaps it was because it fit well in that space, and I never took the time to try anything else.

Nevertheless, I replaced all of those units with a 300×250 unit and it raised my click through rate by up to .6% on some channels.

That may not sound like much of an increase, but my earnings for those units have been positively impacted since the change.

2) I Now Use Text and Image Ads

Image ads don’t always convert as well as text ads on my sites, but what I’m noticing is that I seem to earn a lot more per click (on average) now that I have enabled them on all of my units.

In the past, I’d only enabled image ads on some of my units.

3) I Changed the Text Ads to Match the Link Color on My Site

For awhile I was using a different color for the headline/title of my text ads.  The idea was to make the ads pop a bit.

This strategy worked great at first, but I noticed my CTR was starting to drop.  So I changed the headline to match the color of the links on my site.


As you know, it’s impossible to prove exactly how much these changes impacted my earnings.  A lot may have to do with the ads that show up and some of this may be pure coincidence.

However, this is the time of year when my traffic is typically lower yet my AdSense earnings are higher than ever.  So I felt it was worth noting here on my blog.

These tips may not be ground-breaking, but they remind you how important it is for you to experiment and constantly monitor your channels.

What works today may not work as well next month.  And what works for me, may not work for you.

Experimentation is key.

Update: March 4, 2012:  I broke my daily earnings record again and hit the $400 threshold as shown below.

Google AdSense Earnings

If you’re new to AdSense and/or interested in learning how to maximize your earnings, I dedicate an entire chapter to helping you earn more with AdSense in my Niche Website Success book.

NEW!  See this Google AdSense infographic for an overview of key AdSense tips on getting approved, optimization and protecting your account.


  1. Some of these tips here doesn’t work anymore with Google Adsense, right?

  2. Third time I have come across your site! I haven’t done as well as you have, but it is some extra income to my Maryland roof cleaning company. With your tips and tricks it has helped it gain a little extra needed momentum

  3. Wow, Im faaaar from ur earnings but i hope i can reach this one day. Big respect! :)

  4. Hello Lisa
    I starting earning from google adsense previous month only and now i really got good tips to increase my adsense income.Your $365.06 is really a motivating figure for a newbies like me.I will be going through all you article and youtube channel to gain more information.Thank you for this information and support.

  5. Respected Lisa Irby:-
    First Of all i would like to say to you a wonderful thanks from my heart. Just because Share this amazing and knowledgeable information for bloggers. And really this post is very very very knowledgeable for every blogger. But Madam can you help me-that how i can increase huge traffic on my blog.Please if you have any trick or any post or any information Please tell me.
    -:Thank You Lisa Irby:-

  6. Wow, It’s a huge money. I can’t even earn $ 1 per day through my blog. I made many blogs and deleted and I am doing this for over 6 years now. I am very frustrated, Now I am settling down with just one blog. Your blog 2createawebsite inspire me and your earning proves that blogging can be a good option.

  7. this article shows why blogging is one of the best way to earn online, having that 365$ for 1 day, can actually make you a king/queen in real life..
    I just started blogging but seeing blogs like this makes me more inspire and eager to do my best.

  8. That was really a mind-boggling share. I was amazed to see the adsense screenshot of yours.

  9. Really great article about your Success.. I must say that the above lines which you wrote is inspire me and Motivate me..

    • Debasish Banerjee says:

      Respected Madam Lisa,

      I am very much inspired after watching your video. I am just doing AdSense by uploading videos into YouTube. It just gives me $1 per day. It takes 3 and a half month to earn $100. I have seen my videos are stolen by many users and running in there channels. Is there any method to protect these things? I have not any blog and not much concept about blogging. Can I get success in AdSense? Please instruct me so that I can earn a living for my family.


      Debasish Banerjee

  10. Hi Lisa I have been following you through out your blogs and forums as well as youtube! You have provided me with so much knowledge in web marketing and adsense. I noticed that the small rectangle works best for me within content because it works seamlessly with my mobile theme as well. I also use some text ads along the top of the webpage but it doesn’t seem to convert too well.

  11. This is really awesome. I work with my blog but never thought to earn like these. This is really awesome. Cheers,

  12. Hi Lisa,
    This is great success! It keeps me up and gives me motivation to continue learning. I have got a lot of inspiration from your texts and videos. Thanks a lot!
    I never expected Google to call their partners. Maybe they do so only to those who are doing so well as you. Congratulation.

  13. When I will start to earn 0,80 $ a day I will do a ScreenShot too and I realise an article as you… :P
    Until now my earnings are around 0,50 $ a day, I’m not so far away from my goal! :)

  14. Wow, Im faaaar from ur earnings but i hope i can reach this one day. Big respect..

  15. This is great success! It keeps me up and gives me motivation to continue learning. I have got a lot of inspiration from your texts and videos. Thanks a lot!

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  17. Thanks for the insight, Lisa. I think it is really helpful to share results. It is a great way to gauge our efforts and an incentive to see what others are doing. You are appreciated! JM

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  19. Hi Very Nice Post, and thanks for Sharing income report. i am new in blogging and would like to know more about earning from adsense. i applied adsense 3 time but got disapproved, i dont know why. please let me know how will i get approved for it. thanks in advance

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