Notice Anything Strange With Your Google AdSense Reports & Earnings?

error Did someone unplug the main power supply cord over at the Google HQ’s? ;)

I joke, but I’ve read so many complaints about their various products in recent weeks and most of them involve reporting.

From quirks in the Google Webmaster Tools backlink reports to Analytics not reporting, you name it.

Last month I began receiving more “low-AdSense-earnings” Facebook messages and emails than I normally do.

I don’t obsessively check my earnings like I used to, so it had literally been a couple of weeks since I logged in. Now I was curious.

The Case of the Missing Impressions

At the end of January, I decided to check my account.  I expected my earnings to be far above November and December for two reasons…

  1. My traffic had increased quite a bit since November and December (the norm around this time of year).
  2. After the Holidays are over, advertisers tend to spend more in this niche — which positively impacts my earnings.

After I logged in I was quite surprised to see that even though traffic was way up, my earnings were not.  In fact, my January earnings were on pace to be less than December’s.

So I investigated a little more and noticed that impressions for one of my highest traffic units were not being recorded.

It started around January 18th and as of today, there are still sporadic issues.

What’s interesting is that on one day, one of my units won’t track properly and another is working fine.  But on the next day, the unit that was tracking properly will stop tracking and the other one begins reporting properly again.

Then on January 20th, I noticed a large increase in my earnings for that day.   My click-through-rate was normal, so it was as if they were playing catch-up with earnings that had not been reported previously.

And finally, on February 5th I logged in and saw this message…


It was nice to finally get some kind of acknowledgement that there are issues — even though it was pretty obvious something was not quite right.

Be Patient

If your earnings are low and your traffic, click-through rates and eRPM (revenue per page) are “normal” (obviously normal is relative), there could be issues with the reporting.  However, Google assures that everything is still being recorded.

Meanwhile the Google forums are also on fire with complaints about low earnings in 2013.  Some people are reporting “stuck” impression reports like me and others are noticing lower eRPM (revenue per page earnings), a decrease in click-through rates, etc.

More Delays

Then there’s Google Analytics…

Since last summer I’ve been experiencing intermittent issues with delayed reporting.

Apparently I’m not alone.

Some people claim that their accounts have stopped reporting data altogether.  See the post below…

google analytics

What about you?  Have you noticed anything strange with any of your Google accounts recently?


  1. My celebrity gallery blog got 1$ / RPM but now it got down to 0.66/RPM and I done nothing to the ad units, sizes, types.

    I got 7000 impressions everyday it affects my earnings up to 3$/day. what’s the problem?

  2. I’m a YouTube partner and my account has stopped reporting. Last updated on 5/5/13.

  3. That happened to me since may 1. Adsense just shows me “No data available.” My blogger account says, I have on average around 600 visitors per day, and I used to get revenue from that… However, come May 1, it’s all zero… T__T

  4. Hello Lisa,
    some really strange things happen with my Google Adsence clicks. It happens that click appears on Google Adsence report, it shows both clicks and earnings, but in 10 or 5 minutes it reduces both of them.
    As I noticed it happens usualy with the clicks from front page… and the click rate for this page is really low :(
    I checked all recommendations about putting ads on the page, everything seems according to the rules.
    Do you have any ideas?

    Greetings from Lithuania!

  5.  russellworld

    Hello Lisa,

    Recently I also see some odd things happened in my Adsense account. After getting click I saw some money added in my account but after few min. it decreases. I think Adsense is now working lot on fraud clicks.

    Lets hope for best

  6. I think the problem is with everyone’s adsense account. I too had faced the same problem. But, mine seems to be fixed now. How about you guys? Is it still the same?

  7. Lets face it, Adsense not pay good anymore… I was suffering from Google Panda, and now that Im finaly out of this madness, Google hit back with another madness, reports and low PPC, I dont know perhaps is time for me to think about the sulotion…
    I mean, it doesn’t matter how more trafic I get, or how quality content your articles have. We anyway dont make money…


    One thing i have noticed is that sharing your website especially new post update across the social network like Facebook normally reduce adsense CTR and CPC. Why is still what i have not been able to figure out as i have noticed this countless number of time

    • I will agree with you jerry, was happen to me too, when a group add a feedback of my articles….

    •  2createawebsite

      That makes sense, though. A lot of your followers on social media are probably already familiar with AdSense so they have “ad blindness” and are less likely to click the ads. So if your getting more traffic on the day you announce to social media and most of that traffic is from people who ignore ads then your CTR and eRPM will be lower.

      People who use social media are often more savvy so they ignore ads. So I can’t say I’m surprised you’ve noticed this. I would guess most of my clicks come from people who find me in Google.

  9. I’ve a few self hosted blogs which are earning ‘normal;’, even if rates are down a lot on last year.I no longer seem to earn from are my youtube channel and my blogger blogs. My stats show ad clicks but earnings are now a big fat ZERO and have been for the past few weeks. Odd to say the least. None of my sites or youtube channel are spammy or sales/marketing based. Visitor demographics are the same.

  10. fontanaman says:

    Thanks for your insight Lisa. It’s good to know that other people are experiencing fluctuations with their adsense. I am still a bit confused about all the changes, for example I just received my adsense payment, but I don’t understand why my “recent payment” amount, does not coincide with my “last month” earnings. What am I missing? I’ve been using adsense for years and this is not the way it used to be. Why am I not being paid the full amount of my “last month” earnings???

    I’ve also been experiencing crazy daily fluctuations with my reports. I’ve noticed that I have certain amount of money reported and minutes later it changes to something much lower. These last 3 months or so have been really discouraging, as my earnings have been decreasing where before that they had been increasing. Reports do not seem to be accurate and it’s impossible not to feel cheated.

    •  2createawebsite

      It’s probably from the adjustment for “invalid clicks.” I think Google has gotten a lot more careful when it comes to making sure all clicks are valid so they credit any invalid clicks back to the advertiser.

      My issue has been solved. Turns out I had been hacked and someone was switching my code on my site so I was losing money. Scary stuff!

      Hang in there. It’s the spring/summer and things often drop during these times.

  11. can you please tell as how you find out that someone hacked your blog, also how you solvet…???

    •  2createawebsite

      When I FTP’s into my server I could see certain files had been changed on a specific date and I knew I had not updated them. You can also check this through your hosting account login. So I installed a fresh copy of WordPress and had my host find the malicious files and delete them. They did a malware scan on my site for me.

  12. Wow….Thanks that may be useful for others too.

  13. Is is posible to use a free tool like this:
    To check if our blogs, hacked…???

    •  2createawebsite

      Yes and actually their paid service is actually quite popular. Before my host was able to help me find the exploit I was looking into their paid service. Fortunately I don’t need it now.

  14. At first I thought it might be another Google update and Ive been hit hard in the traffic department. But after searching and reading this site I see it’s not just me experiencing this. My Adsense reports have basically hit the floor. But my Blogger stats are the complete opposite. Which one should I believe…

  15.  StuffSeniorNeed


    Something bizarre happened starting yesterday.

    Adsense just stopped. It was like someone turned off a faucet.

    So even though the traffic is there…nothing.

    And I am still getting revenue from however.

    It could be a ban by Adsense, but there are no policy notifications or any emails to that effect.

    So could this be the same thing?

    •  2createawebsite

      I am seeing some REALLY lower than usual earnings too and a lot of people are complaining about it in the AdSense forums. So I don’t think it’s you. I read there was a BIG, BIG fraudulent click issue last month and I think it’s affected a lot of people. Last month my earnings were really low then all of a sudden I got a $500 addition in one day. So it was like they were playing catch up. Hang tight. I don’t think you’ve been banned. You would get a notification.

  16.  StuffSeniorNeed

    Thanks for the prompt reply and all you do.

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