Is Distraction Threatening Your Site’s Progress? Here’s Help!

If getting distracted were a crime, I’d be doing major time! No lie. It has really affected my productivity in the last year.  Can you relate? How many times have you gone online to do something and ended up doing everything BUT that task because you got distracted by some email, notification, etc? I’m not […]

Niche Websites in 2014 – What Works & What’s Dead!

Let’s not fool ourselves here, ladies and gents.  The Internet has DRASTICALLY changed since I started. Long gone are the days where you could buy a keyword-rich domain, stuff the site with keyword-focused content and rank for your desired phrase in 2 weeks through article marketing and other kind of submissions that Google now frowns […]

How I’m Using Powtoon to Improve Conversions and Increase Email Subscribers

There’s nothing better than discovering a strategy that is not only effective but fun at the same time. I increased my domain and hosting orders by 30% and email subscription rate by 50% in the last month. It cost me some money, but it was the best 200 bucks I’ve spent in a long time. […]

Under-The-Radar Affiliate Programs and Strategies For Boosting Commissions

Today I want to highlight some affiliate programs you may not be aware of and also provide some strategies for earning more with programs that have smaller payouts. My goal here is to feature programs that cover many topics so there’s a little somethin’ somethin’ for all tastes. Some of these options listed contain affiliate […]

Boost Traffic & Dominate Your Niche With Content Re-Packaging

I am so delighted to feature Ann Smarty of here today because she offers up useful strategies for re-packaging content into other formats to get more exposure for your site. Get your note-taking apps or pen and paper ready because you’ll want to jot down these ideas. So without further ado, take it awaaaaaay, Ann! —————————— […]

Is Facebook Wrong? Do You Feel Duped? Weigh In!

I will never forget a reply someone left on my Facebook page when I made a post about some Google algorithm changes. It went something like this… I need to diversify my traffic better because relying on Google traffic is like waking up every morning and wondering if I’m going to get fired from my […]

Hmmm… Should You Use Amazon’s New Affiliate Tool?

I know a lot of you don’t like Amazon’s affiliate program. After all, the commissions are incredibly low and why use them when there’s AdSense, Clickbank, etc? Well I love it.  It’s a catch-all affiliate program when you need an affiliate link for products that aren’t tied to an affiliate program. I don’t earn a […]

Why Your Blog is Getting Ignored And What To Do About It!

Moz reported that on average, there are 92,000 articles posted on the Internet daily. Now, it would be nice to know the breakdown per niche, otherwise that stat is not terribly useful.  However, it still gives you an idea of the sheer amount of content posted on the Internet on a daily basis. And that […]