Build Traffic, Leads & Sales With Your Facebook Cover Photo

If you follow me on Facebook (and I sure hope ya do!), you may have noticed the new cover photo I uploaded yesterday… I just put together a free eBook on some of the best resources on the web that will help you manage your website. So I thought I’d use my cover photo to […]

A Warning About Facebook Contests – What You Need to Know

[Update:  On August 27, 2013, Facebook now allows you to run contests on your wall without using the app. Yay!  See details.] After reaching 10,000 likes on my Facebook page, I decided to run a contest to celebrate the milestone and draw in even more fans. So I did some research on the best way […]

Facebook’s “Promote Your Post” Feature – Boom or Bust?

On the heels of Facebook’s IPO bust, they launched a feature that now allows you to promote your Facebook posts so that more of your fans will see it.  (Your page must have at least 400 Likes.) All promoted posts will show up as a “Sponsored Listing” in your fan’s feeds. Statistics have already proven […]

Do You Separate Real Friends from Website Friends on Facebook?

I received a message from a new “friend” on Facebook.  Right after I accepted him as a friend, he sent me a message asking me why I don’t upload more pictures to my Facebook page. Actually, I do.  But only my real-life friends and family can see them.  “Friends” who know me from my websites […]

Fan Page? Forum? Or Both?

I received an interesting e-mail the other day from a lady named Carrie.  She asked… I want to create a vBulletin forum.  I already have a pretty active Facebook fan page, so I’m thinking of using that audience to announce and promote a new forum.   Should I stick to my fan page, switch to a […]

Why People are Missing Your Fan Page Updates

It may be Valentine’s Day, but I have no love in my heart for FaceBook right now. Sometimes I wish they would just leave things alone.  As soon as we get used to how everything works, they change it up on us. This time they really screwed with fan page owners.  And a big thanks […]

Is Social Media Distracting or Helping Your Biz?

When I first started making money online in the late 90’s, there was no such thing as social media.  My marketing strategy centered around the search engines. I spent my days altering meta tags and on-page keywords trying to climb to the top of sites like Infoseek, Webcrawler, Excite, Lycos, HotBot and AltaVista.  (Memorieeeeees!) The […]

Don’t Take the “Social” Out of Social Networking

One of the most popular ways to promote your site is through social networking. However, many of you are taking the “social” part out of the equation because you are relying too heavily on automation. By automation I mean using various online tools and apps that automatically post content to multiple social networking sites at […]