How to Design an eBook Layout That Will Blow Your Audience Away!

This post will make you think twice about your next ebook design.  Or at least I hope it will. Don’t we all love documents that are easy to scan, have large fonts and high-quality images?  They’re like music to our overworked brains and eyes. So if we’re using these strategies on our sites, why aren’t we […]

Can You Give Away Too Much Free Content? Chime In!

This podcast (here’s the transcript) was inspired by a subscriber who was pretty devastated by the number of unsubscribes she received when she announced her first product to her email list. After providing so much free content over the years, she simply wasn’t expecting that. Well, I can’t say I’m surprised that happened.  I don’t […]

Earning With Udemy and Your Free Course on Creating Animated Video Presentations!

I am super excited to finally begin selling online video courses, but this first one’s on me — at least for now. (HINT) Last week I published my first Udemy course on creating animated video presentations with Powtoon (affiliate link).  Not only do I teach you how to use the program, but you’ll also learn how to create a voiceover for your videos using […]

A Critical Lesson on Topic Direction and How to Prevent Feeling Overwhelmed

Sometimes I feel my blog doesn’t offer enough help to people who are just starting or struggling to find their grooves.  Well, if you fit one of those categories, this one’s for you! You’ve probably heard the expression, “For everything you lose, you gain something else.”  (Sometimes it’s used in reverse as well.) Well, when it comes to my hair, […]

Psst. Is Your Email Strategy Missing? Unsure of What to Send?

Every now and then I’ll come across someone who doesn’t have an email list. The top two reasons are typically… 1) I don’t know what to send  2) I don’t want to spam people I can sort of relate to that.  When I first started this site I didn’t have a list for a long time.  My site links […]

7 Notable Website Tips and Strategies Worth Your Attention

This hodgepodge post of website tips and strategies has a little something for everyone.  It covers… How to get a free and extremely thorough search engine ranking guide A tip for improving your affiliate conversions Why image ALT tags still have value The downside to WordPress redirect plugins And more! 1) Don’t Sleep On Your Image ALT Tags […]

How to Build Passive Traffic With Pinterest

How many social media networks do you use where the original post sends you traffic months or even a year later? Pinterest is the only social site that produces results like that for me on an ongoing basis. And if you’re strategic about what you pin/post, you don’t have to spend a lot of time […]

The Aftermath of Google Removing Authorship Photos – Weigh In!

Update: As of August 2014, Google has discontinued Authorship.  So that means your face or name will no longer appear next to the results.  BUT you can still build your Author Rank through earning quality links to your site. Google taught me a lesson a long time ago… Never get too attached to their tools […]