Getting Paid as a YouTube Partner [Video]

Update 2013:  You no longer need to apply to become a YouTube partner.  After uploading a few videos, you will be offered to monetize them.

Want to learn more about the YouTube Partner Program and how to apply?  Watch the video below for a quick overview of how the program works…

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  1. You are awesome! My husband and a good friend sent me your site. Not only am I posting it on my list of sites to study but I have already begun enjoying your buffet of information. I am so very proud of you.
    I want to be very much like you when I grow up. Not talking about age cause I am a baby boomer and old enough to be your mama but in terms of experience and expertise.
    Thanks so much for providing so much hope, help and high expectations for your readers.
    And yes, one of my goals is to be a Youtube Partner. I am now on a mission.
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  2. After setting u up for RSS I am rolling over to to post something about you and your site so stay tuned.

  3. Good to know, I think i’ll try this one later. My blog is Very new, so new it still has “bubble rap”. I just want to say that this blog is impressive, such a wealth of information. Its so good I have to remember to stop reading and work on my blog and traffic and apply what I have learned here.
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  4. Very nice video, thanks for posting.

  5. Nice video, you are good on camera.

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  8. This is great to know. I just recently started doing youtube videos and I don’t expect to reach the criteria anytime soon to become a youtube partner so I’m focusing on quality targeted videos in addition to my blog. Thanks, Lisa, for sharing some light on this topic!
    .-= Jarrod Clark´s last blog … It’s Your Choice, Will You Choose Life? =-.

  9. Any tips on how to become a YouTube partner is a valuable resource. Whether it be good or bad advice. Nice work.
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  10. Hello Lisa,
    I am also so much interested in knowing how one can make money through becoming a youtube partner.
    Thanks and remain blessed.

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