WordPress Posts vs. Pages and SEO

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WordPress Posts vs. Pages and SEO

Have you ever paid attention to how your WordPress posts perform in the SERPs compared to your pages?

I am often asked which is better for SEO, so I decided to create a video revealing my opinions and discussing what has worked best with my newest WordPress website.

I’d love to hear your stories too.  I’ll see ya in the comments!

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    Hey Lisa,
    Thought I would drop in a for a bit and do some reading and maybe do some blatant promotion of my website and get a back link… Just letting you know that I am putting together a self help section for contractors who want to increase visitation to their own sites to help increase their lead generation capabilities. Of course, I fully intend to send them to your site with a link…. Love the videos..


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    Very informative post Lisa. I love all your YouTube videos as well. I do have an “off Topic” question if you can help. I noticed that when I’m logged into Google my site ranks differently than when I’m logged out. For instance, My site shows up on the first page of Google when I’m logged in and on the 5th page when I’m logged out and I don’t know why. Any ideas because I’m just confused? Thanks for your help

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      Yes that’s by design. Google has what they call personalized results. So if you are logged you will likely see higher results since you’ve visited your own site. The best way to know your average rank is to go to Google Webmaster Tools and look at your average rank.

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    I really enjoyed this post, but was wondering if the url matters in terms of ranking. For instance in wordpress you can’t make pages parents of posts. So is:

    better for seo than

    or does it not matter as long as the on site seo is good?

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    Hello, i think that i saw you visited my blog thus i came to “return the favor”.I am attempting to find things to improve my web site!I suppose its ok to use a few of your ideas!!

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    Pretty good video 😛 i always created pages with my content and fell behind with my blog. Its important to keep the blog and static content equal i believe!

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    Hey Lisa,

    I have seen many different videos/posts on this subject and don’t understand after seeing your easy to follow and extremely easy to understand information on on page SEO, how people make it so difficult. Maybe it’s just me, but your video was super easy to understand and make sense out of.

    This is one area that I have not done or paid much attention to. I know that I should have been, but honestly, I forget about it. Should I be going back through my older posts and linking them to each other throughout my site with anchor text?

    Anyway, good stuff! Thanks

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    I have a very small simple personal hobby website http://www.deanbloom.com and I opted to use pages, I wonder if someone could please take a look and let me know if I have done the right thing? I mainly have photos of my music equipment, however, I also post some of my own blog type of thoughts, but have used pages there too.

    Thank you.

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    Hi Lisa,

    Great video and just what I needed!

    I’ve been reluctant to use Pages except for bios and mission statements since my WP site is formatted magazine style, but you have just made me aware of the added value of Page articles.

    I originally decided to use a Page rather than a Post for a very simple e-store because my WP theme lets me put Page Titles right in the static header menu – on view for all readers of all posts. Thanks so much for pointing out additional reasons for doing so.

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    Hi Lisa,
    I just went through a huge conversion of changing my travel site from primarily set up as a category/post menu system to a page-based menu system. I “feels” better as a page-based system but not sure I how google will react. Crossing my fingers. As an aside, I cover 181 countries worldwide. I am stuck with having to focus on numerous keywords. Keywords for every country, in fact. I have been doing this for nine years. Love it. But still have never figured out the magic pill for SEO. Any thoughts?

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    Thanks for a worthy share really loved the post how better you have explained and carry the discussion.spamming is everywhere but you have to get rid of it for better business prospects

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    thats an awesome video about Pages vs Post. I started one of my microniche sites by building pages but have now decided to go in favor of posts to stick to the CMS structure of wordpress.

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    Thank you, thank you thank you! I love the video and your frank discussion of SEO, back links and Pages vs. Posts! I decided to do a page rather than posts for Alpharetta foreclosures after listening and watching your video! Your common sense approach cuts through all the nonsense and hype! Again, Thank you!

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    Thank you for the important information. As I understand, posts are entries listed in reverse chronological order on the blog home page, and pages are static and are not listed by date. Pages do not use tags or categories. An About page is the classic example. So simply, posts are best for SEO.

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    Thank you very much for your video. The new updates with google panda has really shaken up my rankings and I just had to know if posts or pages was a factor or if one ranked better than the other. After seeing your video, I am confident in your conclusion. It’s what I suspected and now I can move on to something else. Thanks again!

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    Currently on my home page I just have a static page set versus a post, I think it’s ok to use either as far as seo goes, like you said the function of the page matters. I was thinking of bringing in more guest bloggers or adding a question section to my blog also as well a more interactivivity so to reduce the bounce rate and users more involved any input?

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    Thank you Lisa for this post. I have heard that short keywords rank better on pages while for longer keywords posts are better. Is it true? But I take home your message that in the long run with appropriately online SEO either posts or pages can do well.

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    WorkPress is very flexible for SEO. I have been seen my posts and pages are easily indexed in Google Database and rank well in Google SERP’s.

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    thanks for video, i’m looking for the answer about post and page on SEO and i find this on your website. i’ll try affiliate website that all my product reviews place on page not blog post.

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    Nicely said. In my experience, I’ve seen my pages and posts rank well in Google SERPs. This becomes a problem though if your posts are getting old and don’t get internal link juice from your site. So make sure to still link to them, or better yet, make them pages if you think they’re timeless and don’t want to see them go down in rankings.

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    Hi Lisa,

    I must say you present very well on video. I am relieved that I came across your post. I as a plumber have dived into something out of my comfort zone. I had a post recently, but decided for the long term for organic search “New Construction” as a page.
    In about a month since I have been populating the site (yea trying best to research and write, and design) while working is a lot of work. Sorry strayed off – I have been indexing well with pages. But without I can see huge benefits of posting/blogging :)
    Thanks for sharing!

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