Earning With Udemy and Your Free Course on Creating Animated Video Presentations!

I am super excited to finally begin selling online video courses, but this first one’s on me — at least for now. (HINT) Last week I published my first Udemy course on creating animated video presentations with Powtoon (affiliate link).  Not only do I teach you how to use the program, but you’ll also learn how to create a voiceover for your videos using […]

Google AdSense: How to Attract High-Paying Ads, Myths and More Tips!

The AdSense program has been under a lot of scrutiny over the past few years. Even I’ve been openly critical about some of the aspects of the program such as lack of transparency, minimal support for smaller publishers and inconsistent advice. Nevertheless, it’s been a nice stream of income for me since 2003 and the RPM (average revenue […]

21 Truths About Making Money Online People Never Reveal But Should!

If there was an Internet mountain top and I had a megaphone, here are 21 truths I would shout out… 1) There Is No Step By Step Guide to Success Sure, there are guidelines and principles you can follow, but everyone has to find their own way and no journey is exactly the same. Why? Because not everyone […]

Income Diversification & Affiliate Marketing Tips You Can’t Miss (1st Podcast)

In my last YouTube video where I “spilled the tea” on the latest AdSense Scandal, I mentioned that I was very glad that I diversified my income over the years. Some of you were curious about how I do it, so I figured that would be a good topic to cover in my first podcast. Yes, yes.  I finally dipped […]

Under-The-Radar Affiliate Programs and Strategies For Boosting Commissions

Today I want to highlight some affiliate programs you may not be aware of and also provide some strategies for earning more with programs that have smaller payouts. My goal here is to feature programs that cover many topics so there’s a little somethin’ somethin’ for all tastes. Some of these options listed contain affiliate […]

Hmmm… Should You Use Amazon’s New Affiliate Tool?

I know a lot of you don’t like Amazon’s affiliate program. After all, the commissions are incredibly low and why use them when there’s AdSense, Clickbank, etc? Well I love it.  It’s a catch-all affiliate program when you need an affiliate link for products that aren’t tied to an affiliate program. I don’t earn a […]

Whoa! Ever Been Called a Sellout For Monetizing Your Content?

I’ve been wanting to write this post for some time, but an email I received last week finally convinced me to get busy writing… Hey Lisa, I was wondering if you could do a blog post and share your experience with this. I have an email list that I use for important tips and advice. […]

How to Use The New AdSense Experiment Tool to Compare Unit Performance

A few weeks ago, Google quietly rolled out AdSense Experiments.  Now you can do A/B split testing on your units without editing the code on your site. So for example, if you want to see how changing the color of your ad title impacts your earnings, you can conduct this test right from the tool. […]