The New YouTube Layout – Free Backgrounds by Lisa Irby

youtube channel art 2013

I’m telling ya… If you know your way around Photoshop, YouTube channel design would be an awesome niche to dive into to since the YouTube layout seems to change every other month. Creating Your New Banner/Channel Art In April, YouTube will force all channels to use the new “One Channel” layout, so you might as […]

How to Officially Associate Your YouTube Channel With Your Website

associate website with youtube

Two weeks ago Google announced an official way for Partners to associate their websites with their YouTube channels. Anytime you get the chance to officially sync your online accounts with your website and build your brand, you should take advantage of it! I’ve been waiting for YouTube to do something like this, so I jumped […]

10 Notable Personalities of YouTube Viewers

You don’t have to create videos to know that the YouTube crowd is different than other social sites.  Because YouTube makes it so easy to be anonymous, it opens the floodgates for trolling, immaturity, and all kinds of shenanigans that I’ll address below. I thought it would be fun to highlight a few YouTube profiles […]

YouTube Partner Earnings OOPS!

About two weeks ago I made a video stating my YouTube partner earnings are barely enough to pay my iPhone bill.  Well, after further analysis of my AdSense stats, I misinterpreted one key stat line in my reports. So I created this video to clarify and share how you can earn money by embedding YouTube […]