How to Design an eBook Layout That Will Blow Your Audience Away!

This post will make you think twice about your next ebook design.  Or at least I hope it will. Don’t we all love documents that are easy to scan, have large fonts and high-quality images?  They’re like music to our overworked brains and eyes. So if we’re using these strategies on our sites, why aren’t we […]

How Mobile-Friendly is Your Site’s Design? Tips for Beginners!

If you’re reading this post on your phone, you probably noticed something a little different about my blog. You no longer have to pinch and zoom to read my content. I finally have a responsive design.  That simply means it adjusts to fit small screens better. (Yes, I know…. took me long enough, right?) If […]

Creating a WordPress Theme in Artisteer – The Good and The Bad

I’ve been using Artisteer (affiliate) for almost a year now (mostly for static websites), but I’ve never actually uploaded a theme to WordPress. So after receiving many requests to do this video, I finally got a chance to upload the theme to see if the design converts nicely to a live platform. After all, what’s […]

Improve Your Blog’s Revenue, Traffic & Bounce Rate By Using WordPress Menus & Static Pages

One of my pet peeves with some blogs is the lack of static pages, which can make browsing and finding information a complete nightmare. By default, most WordPress themes are designed to display the content newest to oldest and by category. While this organization works for some blogs (news oriented), it’s not ideal for

Four CSS3 Tricks to Pimp Your Site in Minutes!

If you’re one of those people who shuts down or goes cross-eyed when you read anything about CSS, stay with me. You guys know how I roll. I will make this as painless and easy for you to implement as possible — at least that’s my goal anyway. The code is provided below so all […]

CSS Design Help for Static Website Owners!

Ever feel left out because you have a static website and everyone else seems to own a blog?  All the tips, articles and help seem to be directed to bloggers these days. And that’s really not a huge surprise since most people opt to create blogs now.  They’re quick, easy, dynamic, they foster discussion and […]

Case Study:

Because you asked for it, I am going to try to work in more case studies/site reviews into my blogging schedule.  Below is a review of the blog, by Srinivas Rao.  Enjoy! Want your site to be considered for a case study? Learn how! You May Also Enjoy…Case Study: Case Study: 5700 Hits […]

OMG! Web Design Made Easy

Yes, yes, I realize I’m late to the Artisteer party :), but it’s been on my product review to-do list for ages. If you use Blogger, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal or have a static website and need help designing or re-designing your site from scratch, this is the post for you! Overall, I was pleasantly surprised […]