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You’re reading my blog right now and it’s where I post new content almost every week on blogging, marketing, and more.

But you can find more evergreen, tutorial-like content on my main site.  Here are some articles that answer common questions I receive.

How much does it cost to build a website?

How can I make money with a content website?

Is there a difference between a blog and a website?

How do I get traffic to my site?

Please understand I have no staff and receive hundreds of requests for my personal attention and advice daily. I cannot possibly answer everyone's email but I do my best to answer as much as I can.

Thanks in advance for understanding.

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  1. Hi Lisa,
    My adsense account gets a very low CTR. so I dicided to block some ads, because I think some ads (like ads) doesn’t impress my users much, but i see a lot of ads on my site by them.

    So my concern is when I block an ad how do I know that I’m not blocking a CPM ad (you know we don’t wanna block those guy, they just pay us for ad impressions right?)

    so is their a way to find wich advertisers are CPM ads and wich are CPC ads in Adsense?

    by the way my website is

  2. Hi,
    I’m very happy to find your blog and I find it very usuful. After reading some of your posts about earning money online I decide to make you a proposition:
    Blogging for my english sites:
    I have 2 niches websites(driving):
    1 with 6k visitors /month= new website established in 2012(UK)
    2 New website established some months ago but very competitive(US).
    Since I’m not a native english speaker and writing it’s not my favourite work, I hope that you help me adding good content for my websites and of course we can discuss the profit: Adsense sharing or other solution,…
    Thank you,
    P.S: I’m sending this proposition here to make sure that you see and you read it and by the same to show it for your readers, may be a serious blogger find it good win-win solution.

  3. Hi Lisa,
    I saw Doozweb’s comment and I can happily check/correct his articles if he wants me to. I used to be an English teacher, now I’m just a middle aged grandma :) who enjoys blogging. I don’t know if I’m allowed to reply to him here, so if I am, you can pass this on to him. Thank you.

    • Hi Desda,
      Thank you for your reply, I am always interested in finding someone for my websites.
      If you speak english and enjoy blogging, I’ll be very happy to work with you.
      For more details about how to, you can contact me directly at this email:
      Many thanks to Lisa creator of opportunities ;)

  4. Hi Lisa Irby,
    i am so glad to visit your blog. your website is one of the most beautiful websites i have ever seen on web. it is not an Apotheosis, because i believe that the best is the most simple. you had used white background it’s so light and the fonts you had used is excellent.when visitors are reading at your site it makes them calm. you have designed it very well . i like this way to make my website. many people don’t know anythings about making websites. they use big advertisement with image around their pages , it’s so confusing for visitors. they design their websites in which way they like and don’t care to visitor’s elegance.they only design for people at their age.i am going to make a website and trying to gathering information about how i can make a website that support many aspect, advertisement, commercial, …and science, i have many secret information about revelation , telepathy , Infrequent science ,and even Limiya , Simiya , Kimiya , Himiya.

    it’s been 4 years i am Researching for these science because i am so eagle to learn about Theosophy.
    i have translated many old book and long Article from Persian and Arabic to English. now i am preparing them to and make some ebook to share them with people around the world at internet.
    now i have some question:

    1:do people Enthusiastic to know about these science in web.
    2:what do people like to know in subjects like these.
    3:how can i get some direct advertisement from companies not from some companies like google , infolinks , chikita or affiliate marketing.

    i have many question but i forgot them now.
    please answer me at your blog.
    when i made my website i would like to exchange information with you.
    Thank you for reading this comment.
    ehsan (ethan in English),24 y o,iran.

  5. Lisa,

    I finally stopped my problem about my disappearing sidebar. Apparently, there was some type of problem with my theme, twentyeleven. It was frustrating, but I finally solved the problem.

    My solution was to just install another theme. It worked, and by sidebar is completely invisible now. I was getting a little tired of having the same theme. My new theme works fine, and it looks pretty good too.


    • Great! But with that being a core WordPress theme, surprised they hadn’t come up with a fix for it. Maybe since it’s not the most current default theme, they’ve stopped supporting it.

  6. Hi Lisa.. just curious… how do you get paid once you start. Your website. Do you receive. A check thirty mail or What…

  7. Hey Lisa,
    I almost thought I lost you for a minute…but thanks to good old “search”. I find your information not only a blessing to a new blogger and I.M. Marketer but a necessity. I lost you in an overwhelming deluge of training material both purchased and free and I have so unorganized that it’s beyond description! But, I found you again and I’ll be following you now that I am devising a way to keep my “stuff” organized. Glad to be back!

  8. Hey Lisa, I just stumbled upon your You Tube videos and website while looking for WordPress info and just want to say thanks for all the high quality content you provide. Also appreciate your upfront and straightforward style of teaching. In fact, I love it! Keep it coming Lisa!

  9. Awesome teaching Lisa! Just superb and honest!

  10. Jean de la Paix  NKURUNZIZA says:

    Hello Lisa,
    I always receive your invitation from 2 create a wesbite but do hesitate to apply.
    in fact i want you to remove that anxiety from my mind
    and encourage me exactly that your system works.

    you had before showed me how to build a blog. but since then, i made one and never had incomes from that. maybe it’s because i had not VISA card yet.
    what do you give me as advice?

    Jean de la Paix
    from KIGALI

  11. Jean de la Paix  NKURUNZIZA says:

    Another thing, LISA.
    Just tell me truth. if i subscribe to you, how long does it take
    you to build a website for me which have as many traffic as possible
    then bring about many incomes as you do for yourself?

    • Jean, I never said I build websites for people. Being on my list is for learning how to build and market your site. How much you make and when depends directly on you and your hard work.

  12. Jean de la Paix says:

    Thanks a lot Lisa.
    Thank you for your direct responses.

    first of all, I am very sorry to let you know that I am a newbie. yet I got to make money on internet but I do not know how!! please gimme advice like you use to help people.
    I have another question: what do you think on Hosting? does it make money? how do you make money if you don’t build websites?


    Jean de la Paix

    • If you become a hosting affiliate you earn when you refer people to sign up. So if you have a website that’s about building websites you can encourage them to sign up for hosting for whatever company you are affiliated with then you earn money if someone signs up thru your link.

  13. Hi Lisa, I read a comment on the site that is the maker of this software that had your name on it, that said “this is better than other software I’ve tried.” I have tried to use their free version to test before I purchased, and not only does it not work, I have tried to contact their customer support multiple times. Have you actually used this software?

    • Hi John, since I have not endorsed anything it is a fake endorsement. I guess that’s one of the pitfalls of having exposure, people use your name to endorse products without your permission. Can you send me a link?

  14. Hi, Lisa. I have been reading some of your material lately on starting a website and various methods of earning money online. I have long been interested in working from home (especially since now as a dental hygienist, I can NEVER take off work to do routine things, like take my kids to appts or to take their driver’s permit exams!!) I am embarrassed to say that over the years, I have fallen for every scam out there. Well, probably not EVERY one…but far too many! I have considered trying my hand at a drop-shipping site and all of a sudden, I get an email in my spam folder offering me a “position” doing something that sounds similar to drop shipping, although the message is difficult to follow. It was clearly written by someone whose first language is one other than English and asks that you reply to the email to apply. The only information given about the company is as follows: “Brogs Service Company was set in 2006 as a result of merging of several commercial postal services in Lithuania. Now, we communicate with many European clients and execute ordering, purchasing and transferring products that our customers want to buy directly from United States to them. Our sphere is mostly retailing.”
    I wonder if you can offer any advice and or resources on drop-shipping, and if you know anything about this company, specifically. I have to take the fact that it was directed to SPAM as a red-flag, as well as the fact that it came after my online research on drop shipping. I am so afraid of falling for another scam. But at the same time, desperate to be able to work from home. HELP!! Thank you for any advice you might have to offer!

    • Hi Amanda, I have absolutely no experience with drop shipping but to people who feel that they’ve fallen for every scam, I always suggest the same thing. Build your OWN brand with information in your head and help others. Monetize that site with affiliate programs related to your content and create your own products (ebooks, etc) and it’s IMPOSSIBLE to get scammed. The reason so many people get scammed is they sign up for these “make money programs” that promise that it’s easy but what they don’t tell or teach is that you have to learn to market your site. That’s the part that is ALWAYS missing in almost every one of these programs.

      Times have changed and it’s not just about “setting up a site” anymore. You have to learn to build trust, credibility and you need to be consistent. It’s MUCH better to build your own brand teaching others, building trust and then selling your own products.

    • Amanda, Lisa’s reply is spot on the money. Trust and credibility is king and always will be. As far as numbers go, very few are successful at drop shipping. Regardless of what business enterprise you become affiliated with, always check for credibility and longevity with the company. After several years, I have finally found a very credible and reliable company. It does take some time to research, but it the end it will pay off. Best success in your endevours.

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