My Top Money Making Programs

I’ve noticed from reading other blogs, readers seem to enjoy learning how other sites make money.

So I’ve developed a top list of my top income generators based on nothing more than monthly income earned.

Note: This list is from all my sites combined.


1. Domain and Web Hosting Reselling

This program is a great example of why you should look for affiliate or reseller programs in your niche that pay residual commissions.

If my site got wiped out today, I would still be able to live off the residual income I’ve generated since joining this program in 2002.

If you have a site that targets future Webmasters/Bloggers, reselling domains and web hosting is a great way to build a long-term income that continues to grow and grow.

This is also a great idea if you know people in your personal life who need websites.  You can just send them to your reseller store and earn commissions on their hosting and domain fees.

As a reseller, you receive your own customizable website that allows you to set your prices and determine your profit.  The parent company handles all the customer and technical support, so all you do is promote your own reseller store.

It would be hard for any other affiliate program to bump this from the #1 spot because of the residual income.

Learn more about how you can earn from reselling domains and hosting.

2. Affiliate Networks (,, etc.)

I promote a variety of products that I find on some of the larger affiliate networks. From web software, web hosting, HTML editors, to anything I can find that’s useful and related to my audience.

Belonging to an affiliate network has its advantages…

1) If you’re looking for a specific product to promote, you can do a search to see if there are any relevant affiliate programs that offer the product.

2) You can join multiple programs with a few mouse clicks.

3) All of your earnings are tracked in one place, so you have one-stop reporting instead of multiple affiliate account logins.

The downside is that many companies who run their affiliate programs through large networks tend to have sub-par customer support.

There have been many occasions where I’ve sent an email to a company I’m affiliated with through CJ and never received a response. Companies that run their own in-house affiliate programs seem to have better customer support over all.

Nevertheless, large affiliate networks are definitely worth exploring, particularly if you’re looking for a specific product to promote on your site or blog.

3. Sales of My Own Products

When setting out to make money online, your ultimate goal should be to sell your own product.  Today I have three digital products I sell:

1) Easy Starter (CSS) Templates – customizable templates for static HTML websites

2) WP Starter Guide – WordPress tutorial for beginners

3) Niche Website Success – a very detailed, practical guide to making money with a content niche website

4. AdSense (Includes YouTube Earnings)

I hate using the term “easy money”, but if you have enough traffic, AdSense has got to be one of the easiest ways to generate an income from your site or blog.

AdSense performs much better on my sites not targeted to Webmasters and Bloggers – which is a big reason why you don’t see many AdSense units on this blog.

Bloggers and Webmasters tend to be immune to Google ads so they ignore them. However on my fitness site, my click-thru ratio is a bit higher.

Even though my main site, targets Webmasters/Bloggers, it does OK with AdSense because it gets enough traffic to make displaying the ads worthwhile.

Watch a video about my record Google AdSense Earnings…


5. ClickBank

With ClickBank, you really have to feel it out and see what works for you. Even though it’s on my Top 7 list, I must admit there is a lot of garbage on ClickBank.

Many of the eBooks you can sell are a bunch of recycled facts you can find anywhere on the Web.

They are usually promoted by an over-hyped landing page with a loud sales pitch that promises you to either get rich quick, lose weight tomorrow, or get out of debt in seconds.

However, if you really comb through the ClickBank marketplace, you can find some winners. I was able to find a few good e-books to promote that convert very well on my sites.

The great thing about ClickBank is that the commissions are extremely high since product development and delivery costs are low. You could earn up to $75 on certain products in their marketplace.

Here’s a video where I show my Clickbank earnings and how I promote it.

6. Amazon

Amazon has very low commissions per sale, but the conversions are super because they are a recognized brand.

Learn more about their program here.


These aren’t the only programs I earn money from, but these are the highest paying by far.  The rest of my income comes from a collection of other affiliate programs.

This post was not created to encourage you to join all these programs.  Quite frankly, if your site does not target the same people and does not have the same kind of traffic, your income will be drastically less than mine.

But hopefully this shows you what is possible if you build a website that allows you to become the “expert” in your niche, and you recommend quality products that you use and are relevant to your audience. You can apply this strategy to any niche.

If you’d like to learn more about how to make money with affiliate programs, AdSense and more, check out my book Niche Website Success.


  1. by reading your article i had applied for the commisson junction.but they are not accepting my account.why can you give me a hint or something?

  2. Well you have describe very well about the 7 ways of earning money programs.but its not so much easy its takes so much time and patience and little bit luck.but its a very interesting post.its really help people who want to make money

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    and i have been making cool cash from it.

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  12. I see, Domain and Web Hosting Reselling is most profitable way to making money via Internet.
    I have started too… :)
    Another ways, I tried Adsense. That’s enough to maintain my websites cost.

  13. Hi Lisa,

    Great post as usual. While this may seem like a very short list to some, it actually holds more impact than a lot of the 50 and 100 money making lists online. It’s direct and filled with explanation. Great post.

  14. You have not included aweber, is it not making any money for you

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    Thank you for your nice list. Adsense is perfect for monetizing the traffics. your list is good to monetize a blog or site traffics. i would like to choose Adsense, because of its high trustworthiness.

  16. I used to do very well with the Amazon affiliate program and with Shareasale. Unfortunately, since last year, I noticed a significant decrease in traffic to all my affiliate pages. I relied too much on Google traffic for those websites and now I pay the price. That’s a lesson for me to diversify traffic sources as much as I can.

  17. All I can say is, thank you, thank you . . . Currently am a web designer but looking, or actually shopping around to start blogging. Web design these days is slowly fading away, as there are numerous free programs to do it yourself. But, am looking to start a blog. Your article is a “must have” for somebody such as myself who knows nothing about blogging!
    Thanks for the info. I would suggest a tip jar here on your site – you can make some pretty good $$ for your advice/articles!

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  21. This is really a short list, but a ‘best’ list.
    You have listed some of the best money making programs that a blogger would really be able to make money from. Adsense is the best for new bloggers and affiliate programs are good for nice SEO.
    Good work. Keep posting :)

  22. i like to mention here that squidoo and hubpages are good place to generate your income.

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    I started my website back in December last year after I bought a copy of N.W.S. After following all your advice in the eBook I am now starting to see results. You are an inspiration to us all please keep up the great work you do, and teach us more!!!
    Thanks Brett

  24. Lisa,

    Have you thought about making kindle edition for your ebooks? Or are you already do that?

    I just started a Christian personal finance and time management blog, and I’m writing as often as possible, but I am kind of lost as to how to monetize the site and drive traffic. It was pretty clear to me before I made the blog, but now that I have the basics done, I’m fuzzy as to what to do next. I’m on your site trying to find some answers.

    • Yes, I’m working on it now. The biggest mistake I made was how I added the graphics so for the Kindle version I have to re-format the book. It’s not been fun to say the least — especially for a large book.

      Today, the best way to drive traffic are…

      1) SEO
      2) Social Media
      3) YouTube
      4) Email marketing

      But you also need a plan and a strategy. Setup a rhythm with your site so people know when to expect your new content. That will help develop a habit among your readers of knowing when to come to your blog. Use AWeber to email your new content to your readers so you can begin training people to come back to your blog. Consistency in the beginning is huge.

      I’ve made a lot of mistakes but one of the best things I ever did years ago was deciding to blog weekly and sticking to that schedule. A lot of people publish content randomly and then stop. It takes time to build up momentum but you need to be consistent.

      Also, keep your goals in mind. Who is the person you are trying to target? (People who are Christians and struggling with their finances?) What kind of information would they value the most. As you write your content, continue to think about their needs.

      Then branch out to youtube and start doing videos on related topics. You could create teasers that talk about topics on your blog and then send to your site to read more.

      Traffic is all about experimentation and what works for you.

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  29. Over the past 6 months, the learning curve has been steep, but the results are finally materializing. This June, my site reached over 10,000 unique visitors, and is oftentimes close to 1,000 visitors daily.

  30. Thanks for the information Lisa. I’ve just started using AdHitz on my blog, on the fence about Adsense, wondering what type of traffic flow I need to make it work since it’s an Internet advertising blog where I post services and I like as well as some tips and tricks. Like the domain reseller idea, may add that to my arsenal as well.

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