“Lisa, Get a REAL Job!”

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Man PointingGeez, if I had a nickel for every time I’ve heard that in the last 5 years…

This post was inspired by comments I’ve received over the years about not having a real job, and a few e-mails from “Netpreneur” hopefuls who receive earfuls of doubt from family and friends regarding making a living online.

It still amazes me that in 2010 Internet marketing doesn’t get the credit it deserves.  Some people are old fashioned and will never accept that it’s actually possible to earn a good, honest living outside a cubicle.

However, in their defense, most people don’t know anyone personally making a living online, so it is somewhat understandable why many heads are filled with doubt and skepticism.

For the sake of this post I will be referring to my old 9 to 5 job (Web Production Analyst) as my “real job” and my Internet biz as my “fake job.”

“Real Jobs Pay Overtime”

I often think back to that “real job” and how many days I spent one, two or even three hours working overtime and never got paid for it because I was a salary employee.

Compare that to my “fake job” today where I spent an extra 15 minutes adding/adjusting some Google ads on my site and earned an additional $1,000 for the month.

“Real Jobs Give Salary Increases”

When I quit my “real job” in 2006, my salary was actually 4% LESS than it was than when I was hired (4 years prior) due to budget cuts, etc.   None of our raises ever caught up with the pay cuts.

At my “fake job”, I haven’t had a decrease in my earnings since 2001.  *knock on wood*

“People Work Harder at Real Jobs”

At my “real job”, I worked 40 hours per week, but I wonder how many of those 40 hours were spent chit-chatting at the water cooler, surfing the web and taking long lunch breaks.  Hmmmm……

At my “fake job” there are many days where I easily put in 15 hours of work.  I’m positive my total number of actual work hours for the week are far greater than any “real job” I’ve had.

Not to mention weekends.  Technically, I don’t have many days off anymore (by choice, of course) and have the wear and tear on my arm muscles to show for it.  (Yes, I’m still dealing with the typing strain injury from a year ago.)

I won’t bore you with too many statistics and numbers, but if I totaled up the hours I worked on my websites while I still had my 9 to 5 job, your head would probably spin.  It was pure craziness, but well worth it now that I look back on it.

“Real Jobs Offer Security”

Countless people encouraged me to stay with my “real job” for security.

Let’s see…

I dodged about 4 rounds of layoffs over the course of 5 years and never knew when the next round was around the corner.  Yeah, real secure.  And I won’t even go into the future of pensions and social security.

At my “fake job”, I can now live on my residual income alone (thanks to domain reselling.)  So if my sites ever died, I’d still have some sort of backup.

How many “real jobs” do you know that still pay you indefinitely if you quit or get laid off?

To Sum it Up…

I spend way more hours on my websites than I ever did at any 9 to 5 and make way more money. But because I’m not hitting the snooze button on my alarm clock, getting up every morning with the chickens, and fighting rush hour traffic, some say it doesn’t count as a real job.

Sounds silly, I know, but many people feel this way.

Have people in your life tried to discourage you from doing Internet marketing full time because it’s not a “real job”?  Remind them that any form of work that is legal and makes enough money to pay your bills is a real job no matter what form it comes in.

Don’t Pour The “Hater”ade Just Yet

When I write posts like this, it’s inevitable that at least one person will say, “Lisa, people are just hating/jealous.” While that may be true in some cases, I honestly believe most of these people are just uninformed about the Internet Marketing world.

As I said earlier, very few people know anyone personally making a good living online. So they might be oblivious to the work that is actually involved, and it’s easy to write it off as “wasting time” or “playing around.”

Not everyone is hating.  Some people just haven’t witnessed enough (or any) real examples of people making worthwhile money online.

Quick Note: I know that many of you may be happy with your 9 to 5’s and/or have no intentions of working online full time. This type of career is not for everyone and certainly has its disadvantages.

This was just to address those who still don’t believe that Internet marketing is a real job. Quite frankly, that statement is an insult to those of us who have put in the hours to make it happen and love what we do.

Nevertheless, this is by far the most fulfilling work I’ve ever had in my life, and I hope to never have a “real job” again.  😀

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  1. Sokun says

    Great articles. I was feeling sad a bit cause i am actually making money online now but didnt get why people bad mouth it so much

  2. says

    Well the only thing we can do is to ignore those shitty guys who say that it isn’t a real job. Every webpreneur must have encountered this situation like yours & it is usual when you go high then people will try to make you down. Thanks for awesome article :)

  3. says

    Hello Lisa,
    I would like to thank you for the wealth of knowledge, I have told to get a 9to5 plenty of times myself, but I really enjoy what I do from designing to developing. I feel if this is something you enjoy then you should do it no matter what others say.

  4. says

    I am also working online so people think that I don’t have any job. This actually frustrates me. You’re right, it’s just because they don’t see you waking up every early morning, they thought that you don’t have any job. They just see you as a computer addict.They just don’t know that my paycheck is the same with their’s. Haha

  5. says

    You always have great stuff posted. Sometimes I read your comments from others and I really feel like cussing some of those people out. People today can be so critical! Regardless of what people say, you just continue to do LISA!

  6. says

    Lisa, I really like your post! It’s very inspiring to see how you have succeeded even after so many haters tried to morally throw you down. And you are not alone. I have heard the exact same stuff from people around me, when I talk about people like yourself, Darren Rowse, etc. They simply are not willing to accept the fact that there could be anything beyond the 9-5 job. Because for them, 9-5 job is EVERYTHING!!!!!!! It means life to them. It’s their only source of livelihood.

    So as I write this, I know how you must have struggled through the initial days. And after knowing how you have tackled the situation, I have much more respect for you. And I am glad that you can stand out in the crowd & help show the way to others who are struggling.

    Thank you so much, Lisa. If you can really post more of your experiences when you were getting started, that would be really very, very helpful. At least to me. Please talk more about the different ways in which people tried to criticize you & how you would explain your situation to them. I am really struggling to having to explain to my near & dear ones what I am doing as I come from a place where people are so ignorant that they don’t understand the concept of internet, even after they know that it exists. People just don’t accept new things easily. They want to remain in the very same box in which they were living for the past 40-50 years.

    I have already read your other similar posts, but please take this as a personal request. If you can post more of your experiencess, I would really appreciate that.

    Thanks a lot, Lisa. I look forward to your next helpful artcie!

  7. says

    Well i am still studying in university. I think i have lot of time to think whether to continue as full time Job or doing this crazy stuff writing online . However still my friends get surprised when i tell them i earn online :)

  8. says

    Hi Lisa! I found your blg tonight, as I search high and low for good advice on gaining traffic for my blog. I have read so far like three posts of yours cIcking here and there and I am hooked! You really know your stuff! And that is exactly what I need…someone who goes straight to the point. I love the simplicity of your words that make reading your posts a breeze.
    I chose to leave a comment on this post because I relate to it so well! If this wasn’t your job -your real job- then nobody was here leaving you comments…. You’re teaching us and we are thanking you! So, yor job is done! Best to you!

  9. says

    This is so true Lisa, I have had many people say the same to me. I started all of this when I lost my job due to a knee injury, so I started my own business (basketball personal training), now I added some free info to my site and some ads. I have now caught up to my losses from losing my job and taking time off to rehab from my second knee surgery in a 2 year span (and I am only 22… I feel like a 90 year old lol).
    Thanks for all the help Lisa

  10. says

    You are right Lisa, I have heard so many times from my family and friends that I need to get a real job. Now I do something I love by sharing my knowledge on how to save money.

  11. says

    Lisa i’m surprised people would tell you to get a real job when your making the kind of money you are with your websites, not to mention creating websites and the content is more than a real job, it’s a lot of hard work, i know this first hand my son is our programmer and i help write content and stuff till my hands ache. Is there anyway you would consider promoting our website/blog script on your website where you get 60% of what it sells for when the purchase comes through your website? It’s a static easy to use website script,it’s different than the ones you promote and it installs in only 2 min, you can view it by simply viewing our site the link is on our twitter page and clicking our blog link. I know you promote others that are much larger scripts, but the thing about ours is it’s easy and when i say that it means you don’t have to search all over to find stuff, read more about it on our website & email me…thank you!

  12. says

    Hi, Liza. Your job is really amazing. I am proud of you. For sure you have a vast array of experiences from your job. Right now, I am still looking for the job that I really love because I don’t know if I am happy on my job.

  13. says

    IM is indeed a real job like a consultant who solves the problem of clients. But only mastered by very few. those who says that its not a real job dont want to learn and spend the time it takes to master. when we learn internet marketing we write our own paycheck . its an useful life long skill which can make us affluent slowly.

  14. says

    Lol. Its so good to read this post. U got really good logic thinking and u talk with facts. I like that and i am agree with you! I am working online and offline too. If i can reach more goals in future probably i will quit my job but now it is giving me secure, yeah.

    Kind regards


  15. says

    hi Lisa.it’s my first time to read your article.glad to see you find what you really love to do. there is no doubt you are lucky.it will be relaxed and happy for you to do the job if you are interested in it. hope you could share more about this in the future.i wish to learn more from you .

  16. says

    Hi Lisa, Im a new visitor and just want to thank you for your contribution of wisdom and experience to those of us looking to dive into the internet business. I’m an individual who spends time on the internet (posting vids on youtube, and blogging) but I have received any major traffic. Thanks to you I realize where my flaws are. My quality and my content. Im independent entertainer (ventriloquist,poet,actor) but I realize that I have had much success when it comes internet success. I now look in the mirror and understand what needs to be done.

    • says

      typo*** i HAVEN’T received any major traffic.. because I’m basically posting basically personal stories. when I’m basically a no name…

  17. ANNEATIA says

    Hi Lisa, just wanted to say keep up the good work, and remember the naysayers just want to be where you are but don’t have the courage to go after their own dreams, you inspire me!

  18. says

    I have a full time job to work in a home office and moonlight part time writing articles for extra cash. And people like you inspire us to continue working at home as the opportunities are limitless.

    The internet has opened up to a whole new realm of making money online with very successful people doing pretty well.

  19. Jason Nugent says

    In my experience, i’ve learned that the world is brimming with naysayers, dream killers, and non believers. I agree with your assertion that people simply haven’t been exposed to enough succesful people within this field to be open to it as a viable option, to a degree; the problem I see lies in the fact that people tend to have this mentality whenever they see others attempting to go anywhere off the beaten path.

    Generally speaking, if ones goal doesn’t exist in the realm of a “normal” 9-to-5, the reaction of most people is doubt, disbelief and discouragement. I’ve had friends literally tell me they hoped one of my businesses would fail so that I would go back to a “regular” job, and even prayed that it would fail because going into business for yourself is greedy. I’ve had friends discourage me from leaving one job to go to a better one with better benefits and higher pay.

    I know someone who worked less than 12 hours a week stocking shelves who was unhappy with his hours (wanting more) who wouldn’t leave to another store offering full time work because in his words, “I’d have to start from the bottom again”. I mean, HELLO, YOU STOCK SHELVES AT CVS PHARMACY!! YOU’RE ALREADY AT THE BOTTOM!!

    I don’t tell these (true) stories to belittle anyone who stocks shelves, but to illustrate the point: people are scared, and they project their own fears onto others who are unafraid to step outside their comfort zone. I don’t think hating plays a role here, in my humble opinion it’s simply fear. Even when you become successful in your venture, there are people who simply won’t get it or like it.

  20. says

    Helo Lisa,
    I am new to your site, but hope you can help me get started in my online business venture. I just left a Gov. job for a small intity, I was only there for 3 years, but because of my responsibilities I became the 2nd highest on the payroll (sallary). Because my kids are raised I have no dependents, so the government had a blast with over 50% of my wages. I hope with self employment, assisted by the web. I can get away from giving my hard earned money to wasteful spenders.


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