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money falling There was an interesting post made on Website Babble last month from a member (jeffG) who was seeking more examples of everyday people (as opposed to blogging gurus) who are making worthwhile money from their blogs.

His post read…

We’re all aware by now that WordPress is the easiest way to build a website, but I was wondering how many of you actually make good money? And when I say “good money” I mean enough to enhance your existing lifestyle. I’m not talking about a dollar or two from AdSense per day.

I was at a social media event in Atlanta today and I was talking to all these WordPress users. Some had impressive followings on Twitter, Facebook, even Google+.

For some reason I just assumed a lot of these people did this for a living. As the night went on, I began to learn that very few of them made a lot of money. I don’t think I met one person that was full-time online or even close. And they said it was their goal.

So I’d like to know from the bloggers here, how many of you actually make good money? Yes, WordPress is too cool for school (as the old saying goes), but if your goal is to make money from your site and you’re not making much, what do you attribute that to?

Of course, we know that people make money with blogs.  However, I also receive many e-mails from people who struggle with the monetization part of blogging.

Obviously, the number one problem is lack of traffic.  However, there are blogs that receive decent amounts of traffic, yet the owners still have trouble converting sales for numerous reasons.

I love getting feedback from you, so I want to open up a discussion with people on both sides of the fence.

If you are making money with your blog, what are your top earners (ad sales, AdSense, product sales, etc.) and what suggestions would you give to those struggling?

Let’s inspire and learn from one another!

I’ll Start…

As many of you know, most of my overall earnings come from my static website, but my blog does pretty well considering it receives much less traffic than my main site and I consciously keep selling/affiliate links to a minimum.

My top earners here are AdSense, sales of my WordPress e-Book, Niche Website Success and various affiliate programs.

My blog is not heavily monetized.  It has always been a brand-building tool that has helped build credibility and connections with my followers.


How about you?  How does your blog earn money?  Are there any lessons that you’d like to share with others?  Any struggles or frustrations?

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  1. says

    On my blog, I have some links to other sites that I own, and that has made me some money – due to the Adsense ads. But, still working on the blog itself.

    • Anonymous says

      Hi there I am still learning as I’m new to this but I currently have Adsense set up when I get enough visits I’ll add other advertisers right now. My blog so far in November has had over 300 visitors and for this month I’m at 140 but no one is commenting. I am not sure if that is even good traffic but I’m definitely going to try to some of Lisa’s tips. I believe it takes time for sure. Lisa this blog is awesome. You rock.

  2. says

    When you look at all the comments around on the web you can there hundreds of reasons why a site works and another doesn’t. I am new to the whole scene of internet marketing and have yet to make a dime. One main crime I have committed is to allow myself to be overwhelmed by all the info out there. I am not a specialist in my field of Business choice, I’ve made it up as I go along by following those “wot know” like Lisa and others. I have a squeeze page and a site I am developing as a blog site which will have a link to the former. Two other crimes I have committed is failing to plan-partly because I did not know what to plan for and procrastinating. Delaying writing, making videos as if they would do themselves.
    If there is anyone out there who can learn from my mistakes it will ease the pain of knowing I have wasted a lot of time doing plenty but going nowhere.
    So then, do this: Plan, take Aim and Shoot at your Target audience with your business offer or product. Get going! Steve, UK

  3. says

    I currently use Adsense to monetize my blog but eventually I plan on selling T-Shirts, coffee mugs and note pads to name a few. Although people are reluctant to admit it, there are more people with bad credit than good in today’s economy. My goal is to reach those people and let them know that it’s okay to admit that you’re behind in your bills if you have no choice in the matter. Sometimes good people make bad choices. It doesn’t make you a bad person…It just makes you human!

  4. says

    Generally, bloggers set up ads on their site, frequently with mainstream ad players like Google AdSense, Amazon Associates and Pay-Per-Post, all of which are fairly user-friendly. But after finding the advertisers, you’ll need to find readers – a lot of them.

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    Making money online is not an easy chore. I think that is what mess a lot of beginners up,including myself. We see the success story and don’t realize the work that comes with it. I now make OK money since I have build some traffic to my site.I think to succeed as a beginner don’t ask yourself how much money you can make online, instead ask yourself how can you build trust with your targeted audience. Once you master that, the money will come.

  6. says

    I suggest if anybody who just started a blog or wants to start one – DO NOT quit your day job! As one reply was, it takes time to make a decent amount of money. On my blog, I have some links to other sites that I own, and that has made me some money – due to the Adsense ads. But, still working on the blog itself.

    • says

      I agree. I didn’t quit my job until my income was 4x’s my salary and I had the savings to be comfortable. This is hard work and you have to make sure you are in a good place before you give up stability.

  7. says

    First of all, fantastic article, kudos.

    Secondly, I’d just re-iterate what others have said – it takes a LONG time, years even, before most people start to see any kind of decent revenue streams from their blogs.

    But, what I do, and many others out there is to work as a freelancer on the side while we wait for our blog to hit the big time and garner enough traffic to make it our full-time occupation (oh, the dream!).

    There’s plenty of good options out there for freelancing – much of which only require writing skills – which almost all bloggers have, so it’s a great option. There’s a good list of ideas at

    Thanks again for the great post.

  8. says

    I’m still struggling greatly…and I’m 66 years old and we’re retired and ok financially…but I just want my blog to make big money … just to know I CAN do this. :-) I’ve been a stay at home mom for 47 years and been blogging daily for 3 1/2 years. I initially just started blogging because I love storytelling and I didn’t even realize people MAKE money at this….and I still DON’T…hahaha I have good traffic…or at least good to ‘me’…as I average 800 to 900 readers a day usually…but I only make money through adsense and that isn’t doing well for me. I try to change ads as I see they’re not working but so far I haven’t found the ones that are going to be good for ME. I’ve looked into affiliate ads…but haven’t added any. I WOULD GIVE AN ARM to spend an afternoon with YOU Lisa :-) I want to do this so so badly……I’m 1,035,020 on the alexa scale today so I’m getting better and better there AND on a daily basis….I should be well under 1 million by the end of this week…..but HOW do I make good MONEY? HELP!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. says

    My main income stream is Adsense.. and i get a lot of visitors on my blog, but i dont know whats the reason but AdSense keeps on deducting my earnings… Am i really fed up of adsense now, and i am thinking to try out some affiliate marketing!!

  10. says

    yes i also agree with the previous comments that alexa is something which is of an immense importance for your website.
    all what matters is the traffic what you get for your articles…it is the true mirror which reflects the visitors for your website!
    also, except the google adsense, there are many ways by which you can earn money such as by placing chitika, infolinks ads and also by the use of affiliate marketing.

    • says

      Alexa has nothing to do with your traffic potential or popularity. It’s your rank compared to other sites. It’s becoming less and less important because it’s only influenced by people who use the Alexa toolbar. So the fewer people that use it the, your rank will suffer. Focus more on traffic since Alexa has nothing to do with your site’s success or traffic.

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    I make money from many different sources, but my favorite has to be private advertising where you can get others to pay you month after month after month without having to worry about page views or adsense.

  12. says

    Hey Lisa ,
    Seriously its quite amazing to know about money making blogs .You have enlighten me with the varied knowledge a very big thank you .I ll be always be glad to read your thoughts about money making in future

  13. says

    Hey Lisa. Great Idea it is :)

    I make money from my blog with Adsense and Clickbank. It’s like about 125$ only / month.
    Is it bad for a 30 days old blog? And can you suggest me some other ways to bag some cash from my blog?

  14. says

    My blog is 3 months now,i blog about photography tips,what am really struggling with is getting traffic,i need tips how i can get traffic.Thanks Japheth from Kenya

  15. says

    Hey Lisa,
    Awesome post with great information. According to me, making money with blogging is really a tough part which requires lot of hard work. I think, for making money with blogging we requires lot of traffic and also update our blog continuously. For traffic, we have to make more backlinks which can be done by either commenting on others blog or by guest blogging.

  16. says

    I am a firm believer that having various income streams from a blog or website is very important. The main reason is quite simple.

    Various income streams will allow you to use each in the place where they are most effective. For example, using a CPC network will be most effective for more informative posts, while an affiliate network will likely be more effective from targeted traffic coming from a blog post about a certain product or service in a certain niche.

    Excellent post here :-)

  17. says

    Hi Lisa,

    I also monetize my blogs like what you do and it help really a great helps in generating traffic to my site. I had made connections and promoted my site. And great! I had a great results and most of all I have learned lessons from other bloggers. Your information is a great help to every blogger.

    Excellent post!

  18. says

    I created a health, nutrition and recipe blog which has made tons of money through Pinterest! By utilizing tons of other social media sites and commenting on other blogs, you’ll increase traffic to yours. It’s been less than a year and I have over 1 million hits!

  19. says

    Hii Everyone

    I am new to creating websites and blogging. I think it can be a good way to earn money once you become expert in this. I am using different kind of SEO technique like onpage optimization, directory submission, social media, blog and guest posing. I believe that first effort should be to increase the Google PR of your blog and website. It must have quality content which encourage visitors to visit again and again and also to refer to their friend circle.
    I am looking forward for my time when i start earning from blogging and website.

    Sudha Gautam

  20. says

    Only use adsense so far. Start seriously write my blog in dec 2012. I don’t think to get much money from adsense at not much visitor yet.

  21. says

    I earn a minimal amount of money from my site. It is 6 months old and I have over a hundred posts and probably twenty pages. I just began monetizing at the sixth month mark. Traffic isn’t easy and I come from the SBI training to give first then monetize. I do try several different things that is not so typical in my niche. I have a gluten free living site and I sell everything from t-shirts and gift items to consultations. I also am an Amazon Associate bc it is one way to monetize my posts and it is pretty easy.

  22. says

    My blog is about “How” I make money online and my most popular posts are my monthly income reports where I detail how much I make from what source. My actual income comes from affiliate links, most of which are for products I recommend on my Squidoo lenses. My blog details where I make my money. Since I’ll make close to $40,000 this year, I guess that’s enough to enhance my lifestyle, as the question asks. :)

  23. says

    I’ve monetized with Google Adsense and I’m seeing a healthy amount of organic traffic from Google. With a bit of work I think that could translate into at least enough to cover my hosting costs every month!

  24. says

    I just started creating sites so I’m new to this. I am going into this with the knowledge that it will be at least a year before I see any kind of money from my efforts and I’m prepared to wait it out. I’m using a combination of SEO, content, social media, commenting, guest blogging (just one place so far) because I don’t want to place all my eggs into one basket. I’m doing it on all sites because quite frankly, why not? I use the products and I believe in them so I don’t leave any stone unturned but I’m not crazy about it, either. I’ll hopefully have a good story in 2013 about making money from niche sites!

  25. says

    My Blog makes money from Google Adsense , Chitika, and In house ads. Get a free blog with CashMyStudio and earn royalties from Google Adsense and Chitika for free. Just click on my name.

  26. says

    Hi Richa, I understand your comment, try doing SEO search engine optimization this will help drive more traffic to your blogs. That’s one of the main reasons to have a blog is to get more traffic, and to also make useful and quality content for your blogs.
    I just recently found out that has new features for Google affiliate products, I will be writing more content for Blogspot more often than I use to. My site

  27. says

    I am doing blogging since couple of months, and finding it hard to get organic or refer traffic, what kind of things i should do to get more traffic and to earn money from it. Kindly share your views.

  28. says

    I believe that the first mission would be to get targeted traffic to your site. There are many ways out there that claim to deliver traffic to your site. But a lot of these methods are mere surfing sites that rotate users for 15 to 30 seconds to your page. But do people really sit there an watch the pages being rotated in front of them? Probably not…

    But it is quite difficult to make money with a website if there isn’t any true targeted traffic heading your way. So the first step would be to build your backlinks with solid PR sites that will boost your PR. I am very new to all this, but have spent most of my time trying to build traffic to my site. It’s very time consuming and seems it will take a lot of time.

    So all this being said, I look to make some money from my site eventually, but so far has been an uphill battle! :(

  29. says

    Money is the most powerful weapon in this world. Everyone want to become a rich man but everyone want to know how?
    Blogging is known by everyone but there are only some peoples know that how can they earn by their blog.
    I this blog have a great tips that how can a blog make money.

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

  30. says

    I make some money from a upload site that pays me a penny for every 1 file downloaded. It’s made me 4 bucks so far lol. Also adsense throws a few nickels at me from time to time.

    • says

      I had a look at your blog and of course it makes a lot of sense to read articles like these. I just wish to understand if these advertisements actually make good money, enough to have a great lifestyle? Also, my blog is more towards my personal experiences, does this show any potential for monetization?

      • says

        Hi Laurina,
        The best way to start a blog is to blog about something that you are well skilled in, have a lot of knowledge in AND if you want to be able to make money from it, it need to have the ability to make a profit…does it solve a problem, or have a lot of interest by the public.

        Now, you don’t have to be a master at the topic but you should know more than the average person on the topic. And be willing to invest in knowing more. NOT is a AWESOME platform to get started with your blog.

        Chat with me on and ask me anything you want to learn more!

  31. says

    Hi…I am so confused!!
    How do I get a company to place ads with me so I can make money??

    I already have a blog. Now I need to make money from it. I am lost!

    • says

      Hi Debi,
      The best way to get advertisers for your website is to have lots of traffic. Google Adwords, affiliate links, and most advertising will not be successful until you get some traffic coming your way.

      Here are a few ways to do this:
      1. Get your own hosting. Use Godaddy or hostgator(about 8-10 bucks a month)
      2.Use a wordpress site. NOT it offer many free plugins that offer SEO.
      3. Build a facebook page and put your recent blog bost onto your page.
      4. Use Facebook to find groups in your niche-Google and Facebook search to find groups and forums to offer valuable content.
      5. Write articles and submit them to free article submission site. like,,reprintarticles, and to name a few

      This will help get your traffic coming…hope this helps!


  32. says

    My name is Mike Omoasegun, i would like to share with how my blogs make money: i have more than ten (10) blogs/sites, all make money through google adsense, through selling ebooks. Two of the sites are articles websites, one of them is free advert site, one is online store where i sell my products, two of them are forums sites. etc. i also use affiliate links to some. to make money from blogs or sites need patience and hard work. thanks and God bless

  33. Missi says

    The countdown for my website launch is in a month.Yeah!!!! I’m not going to even worry about monetization for the first six months or so. In that time, I plan on building my email list, making great connections with people, promoting my site, and working on some e-books that I would like to sell.

    I’m not an expert in blogging, but I believe slow and steady wins the race. Yes, I want to make money like the next person, but it’s the journey and connections that I make with people that’s going to give me staying power (hopefully).

    I plan to monetize my site with e-books, e-workbooks and courses, and maybe some affiliate links. I am so not a fan of Adsense, but never say never. Ads, hand-picked of course, would be great if only I know my customers will benefit from them. I always want to have a professional, solid brand.

    For now, I’m keeping my day job. :)

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