Making Sense of AdSense Reports & Maximizing Your Earnings (Video)

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Last week I wrote about the new and improved Ad Review Center (ARC) that began rolling out last month.

Now that my account has been upgraded, I wanted to publish a video that highlights some of the ARC features.

In addition, you’ll learn more about some of the common AdSense reports and how to maximize your earnings through Placement targeting.

You Will Also Learn…

  • Why you shouldn’t block too many ads
  • Info about auctions and ad pricing
  • How some Publishers are also making money from CPM ads (impressions only)

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  1. says

    Your answer makes sense. The surplus was not a whole lot extra, but it just got me wondering why there isn’t a concrete breakdown. Thanks for your input.

  2. says

    Hi Lisa,

    Is there a way to see an exact breakdown of what channels generated what income AFTER the total payment from a previous month has been deposited into my account? Reports only tell you the estimated income for each channel for a particular month, but it doesn’t often add up to the exact amount deposited into my account.

    Here’s the kicker.. last month, more money was deposited into my account than what the report showed. I understand that if it’s less, then it can often mean invalid clicks were taken off… etc.

    Basically, is there a way to know the exact breakdown of a finalized payment?

    • says

      Hi Lowell

      No, I never have and I think it’s purposely vague to prevent manipulation. Although I don’t know why they wouldn’t disclose it since we can see our breakdown in our individual accounts before the check is released. Interesting that your amount was higher. That rarely happens due to adjustments from invalid clicks, etc.

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