You Can Win a $400 WordPress Theme Package With 60+ Premium Themes!

How to Win a $400 Wordpress Theme Package

Contest Closed: Congrats Katie! The first winner never responded so I randomly selected again and YOU WIN! I will be contacting you for your information.  Thanks everyone for entering. As a “thank you” for your support this year, I am running a contest that will give you the chance to win one of the most valuable online […]

Get More Conversions By Customizing Your WordPress Category Pages

How to Add Custom Text to WordPress Category Pages

Have you ever used a WordPress theme and discovered months or even years later there is a handy feature or setting you didn’t know about? I’m ashamed to admit that after three years of using Genesis themes (affiliate link),  I never noticed you could customize the top of category pages with ease.  This is an ideal place for […]

7 Ways to Drive More Traffic to Your Next Blog Post

7 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Next Blog Post

1) Turn Shareworthy Quotes Into Images This is a way to capitalize on the fact that people love to share quotes. Every now and then I check what images people are sharing from my sites.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, you simply log in to Pinterest and go to… Anyway, I just noticed the post I did over the […]

7 Notable Website Tips and Strategies Worth Your Attention

7 Website Tips and Strategies You Can't Miss!

This hodgepodge post of website tips and strategies has a little something for everyone.  It covers… How to get a free and extremely thorough search engine ranking guide A tip for improving your affiliate conversions Why image ALT tags still have value The downside to WordPress redirect plugins And more! 1) Don’t Sleep On Your Image ALT Tags […]

Why Your Blog Needs a Shot of Vulnerability From Time to Time

How Post Type Affects Your Engagement

Do you only post facts when you write for your blog?  Are you afraid to talk about relevant issues you struggle with? Well, I’m going to share why that’s not always a good thing. Just because you may be seen as an authority in a given niche, doesn’t mean you always have to appear perfect. You’re human […]