Google AdSense: How to Attract High-Paying Ads, Myths and More Tips!

The AdSense program has been under a lot of scrutiny over the past few years. Even I’ve been openly critical about some of the aspects of the program such as lack of transparency, minimal support for smaller publishers and inconsistent advice. Nevertheless, it’s been a nice stream of income for me since 2003 and the RPM (average revenue […]

How to Use The New AdSense Experiment Tool to Compare Unit Performance

A few weeks ago, Google quietly rolled out AdSense Experiments.  Now you can do A/B split testing on your units without editing the code on your site. So for example, if you want to see how changing the color of your ad title impacts your earnings, you can conduct this test right from the tool. […]

The Google AdSense Scorecard – Why I’m Ignoring Parts of It

No doubt you’ve noticed the scorecard that appears in your Performance reports for AdSense. In a nutshell, this image gives you an idea of how your site is doing health-wise (page speed, crawl errors) and reveals if you are maximizing your earning potential. Beside each category you will see a rating… Here’s mine… Notice I […]

Why It Pays to Be Patient With Google AdSense

Have you tried the 300×600 unit on your site yet? I finally added it to one of my higher trafficked pages (within the content) just to see how it will pan out. The first week… I had deplorable click-thru rates and less-than-stellar earnings. I was tempted to take it down, but then I remembered a […]

Confusing Messages From The Google AdSense Optimization Team

I was having lunch recently with Sunil from The Extra Money Blog, and as we were chowing down on our Pei Wei (yummy), the topic of AdSense surfaced. Sunil attended one of the AdSense in Your City events where you can gather tips and advice for making more with the AdSense program. One of the […]

Making Sense of AdSense Reports & Maximizing Your Earnings (Video)

Last week I wrote about the new and improved Ad Review Center (ARC) that began rolling out last month. Now that my account has been upgraded, I wanted to publish a video that highlights some of the ARC features. In addition, you’ll learn more about some of the common AdSense reports and how to maximize […]

Google Gives AdSense Publishers More Control

One of the biggest gripes I hear about AdSense is the minimal amount of control Publishers have over the ads that are shown. Well, in case you haven’t heard, Google is about to roll out a new version of their Ad Review Center (ARC).  Now you’ll have even more control over the ads that appear […]

How to Minimize Your Chances of AdSense Click Fraud and Getting Banned

People often ask me for help when it comes to dealing with disabled AdSense accounts and preventing click fraud. So I did some digging over the weekend.