What You Can Learn From a Dad’s Successful Site About Disney World

If you’re feeling discouraged about the lack of success with your website, there’s nothing like gaining a bit of inspiration from someone else’s story. And it’s even more inspiring when the person triumphs after nearly quitting due to frustration with the slow rate of success. If you didn’t get a chance to watch Carl’s Google […]

Online Success WITHOUT Social Media Marketing?

Every now and then I’ll get an e-mail from someone who is just getting started with their site.  They are overwhelmed by all the social media sites, tools, etc.  (Who can blame them?) Some are even so turned off by social media, they tell me they want nothing to do with it. Others believe it […]

The Real Motivation Behind My Websites [Video]

Even though the Internet has evolved drastically over the years, there’s one constant motivator that has kept me going. As discussed in the video below, I discovered a deep passion for doing something I have been unconsciously doing since I was a child. What’s the motivation behind your website?  What keeps you going even when […]

Exploding The Myth of Internet Marketing

This is a guest post by Jo Barnes of StartYourBusinessSmartly.com. I have to be completely honest with you. I am brimming with self belief. As an experienced business owner (albeit offline), I have no doubts about my capabilities and am 100% sure I can be successful at anything I turn my hand to. When I […]

“Lisa, Get a REAL Job!”

Geez, if I had a nickel for every time I’ve heard that in the last 5 years… This post was inspired by comments I’ve received over the years about not having a real job, and a few e-mails from “Netpreneur” hopefuls who receive earfuls of doubt from family and friends regarding making a living online. […]

Check Your Attitude, People!

Some people just start out with the right attitude. When it comes to making money online, they don’t complain about how difficult the journey is.  They just go for it. They are resourceful people who take the information you give them and run with it. They have this adventurous, go-getter mentality and aren’t afraid of […]

The Story Behind My 6 Figure Income [Video]

The stories of Webmasters earning six and seven-figure incomes continue to flood the Internet. Everything always looks so polished and put together once success has arrived. In fact, you may have even caught yourself thinking, “They make it look so easy!” or “Why can’t I do that?” While these stories inspire, they often leave a […]

Lessons From a Teenage Affiliate

Over the recent months I’ve gotten several requests from people who want me to review their travel-related websites. Many of them are Site Build It! (SBI!) customers looking for suggestions on how to improve their site, make more money, etc. I was just thinking the other day, “Wow, why so many travel related sites?” Then […]