Boost Traffic & Dominate Your Niche With Content Re-Packaging

I am so delighted to feature Ann Smarty of here today because she offers up useful strategies for re-packaging content into other formats to get more exposure for your site. Get your note-taking apps or pen and paper ready because you’ll want to jot down these ideas. So without further ado, take it awaaaaaay, Ann! —————————— […]

Is Facebook Wrong? Do You Feel Duped? Weigh In!

I will never forget a reply someone left on my Facebook page when I made a post about some Google algorithm changes. It went something like this… I need to diversify my traffic better because relying on Google traffic is like waking up every morning and wondering if I’m going to get fired from my […]

Why Your Blog is Getting Ignored And What To Do About It!

Moz reported that on average, there are 92,000 articles posted on the Internet daily. Now, it would be nice to know the breakdown per niche, otherwise that stat is not terribly useful.  However, it still gives you an idea of the sheer amount of content posted on the Internet on a daily basis. And that […]

How SEO Advice is Making People Go Bonkers Over Links!

I wasn’t planning to blog today, but after reading at least two dozen emails in the past week about link removal requests, penalties, using the Google’s disavow tool and sheer confusion about search engine rankings, I want to share my thoughts and opinions. One thing is very clear.  The Google updates in the last two […]

Traffic Tip: How to Get Influencers to Share Your Content and More Tips

In an era where search engine optimization is becoming more and more challenging, traffic diversification is a MUST. That’s why I’m super duper excited to feature Mark Trueman of Zen Spill on my blog today. Mark is a self-proclaimed serial entrepreneur and he’s also a master at networking. He knows how to grab the attention […]

Another Google Update Plus 8 SEO Takeaways You Can’t Miss!

It was another busy weekend for Google’s algorithm. Penguin 2.1 rolled out and frustrated even more website owners who lost traffic. On the flip side, others celebrated gains after recovering from previous penalties. If you’re having trouble keeping up with all the Google changes and what they mean, this post will catch you up. 1. […]

Build Traffic, Leads & Sales With Your Facebook Cover Photo

If you follow me on Facebook (and I sure hope ya do!), you may have noticed the new cover photo I uploaded yesterday… I just put together a free eBook on some of the best resources on the web that will help you manage your website. So I thought I’d use my cover photo to […]

My Niche Site Experiment: Building or Earning Backlinks?

[Don't forget to bookmark the landing page for this experiment so you can keep up.] So it’s about 5 weeks post launch of my niche site experiment and as many of you have stated in previous updates, I’m going to need some backlinks to rank for any competitive keywords. I stayed on Page 3 of […]