Psst. Is Your Email Strategy Missing? Unsure of What to Send?

Every now and then I’ll come across someone who doesn’t have an email list. The top two reasons are typically… 1) I don’t know what to send  2) I don’t want to spam people I can sort of relate to that.  When I first started this site I didn’t have a list for a long time.  My site links […]

Stop. Feel Like You’re Marketing With a Blindfold On? Not Getting Results? Here’s Help!

Hold it.  Let’s put on the brakes for a moment. After totaling up the amount of hours you spent marketing your site last week, you discover you’ve spent 4 hours on blog commenting, 3 hours posting to Facebook, 3 hours on Pinterest and 2 hours on article submissions. It’s been at least four months since […]

Penguin Slapped You. Your Traffic Tanked. Now What?

Rather than jumping on the bandwagon and writing another article flooded with Google Penguin speculations and predictions, I’d rather focus on a strategy to help you loosen your SEO dependency. Today, I want to focus on email marketing. Uh oh… am I losing you already? I say that because my posts on email marketing are […]

Has Social Media Killed Email Newsletters?

Obviously the short answer is “No.”  Social media may have impacted the way we choose to get updates from our favorite sites, but people still make lots of money from their email lists. Having said that, I personally read email newsletters less and less  — especially ones related to Internet marketing.  It seems that most […]

How to Build a List: Why Would Someone Bother to Sign Up and How to Retain Them

This is a guest post by Ana Hoffman. If there’s one thing I learned about learning internet marketing, it’s this – never take a marketer’s point of view without caution (unless of course if it’s Frank Kern or Dean Hunt and the likes that are talking). Take list building for example. Left and right, we’re […]