Whoa! Why You Might Be Paying For Fake Email Subscribers

Are You Paying for Fake Email Subscribers?

If you collect emails to communicate with your audience (and I hope you aren’t ignoring this strategy like I did for so long), you need to pay attention to this… The good news:  My email open rates aren’t as low as I originally thought. The bad news:  A handful of my confirmed subscribers in the last several months are fake and costing me […]

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Stop. Feel Like You’re Marketing With a Blindfold On? Not Getting Results? Here’s Help!


Hold it.  Let’s put on the brakes for a moment. After totaling up the amount of hours you spent marketing your site last week, you discover you’ve spent 4 hours on blog commenting, 3 hours posting to Facebook, 3 hours on Pinterest and 2 hours on article submissions. It’s been at least four months since […]

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