The Aftermath of Google Removing Authorship Photos – Weigh In!

Update: As of August 2014, Google has discontinued Authorship.  So that means your face or name will no longer appear next to the results.  BUT you can still build your Author Rank through earning quality links to your site. Google taught me a lesson a long time ago… Never get too attached to their tools […]

Ouch! How Your WordPress Navigation Can Kill Traffic and Conversions!

For the last four years I have been talking about this topic in small doses both here on my blog and on YouTube, but I’ve never given it the attention it deserves. If you use WordPress for your site, you cannot afford to ignore this one — especially if you’re just starting out. I’m no Derek […]

Google Admits Ranking Will Get Easier for Small Businesses But Here’s a Warning

A couple of weeks ago Google rolled out the softer side of Panda (widely known as Panda 4.0) and many sites that had been impacted in the past saw complete or partial traffic recoveries. Panda 4.0 was one of the biggest algorithm updates in a long time and, according to Matt Cutts, will lay the groundwork […]

How SEO Advice is Making People Go Bonkers Over Links!

I wasn’t planning to blog today, but after reading at least two dozen emails in the past week about link removal requests, penalties, using the Google’s disavow tool and sheer confusion about search engine rankings, I want to share my thoughts and opinions. One thing is very clear.  The Google updates in the last two […]

Another Google Update Plus 8 SEO Takeaways You Can’t Miss!

It was another busy weekend for Google’s algorithm. Penguin 2.1 rolled out and frustrated even more website owners who lost traffic. On the flip side, others celebrated gains after recovering from previous penalties. If you’re having trouble keeping up with all the Google changes and what they mean, this post will catch you up. 1. […]

My Niche Site Experiment: Rankings After Nearly One Month

I just want to update you on the niche website I started in July. At the time I’m writing this, it’s almost been a month since I launched and I’m already ranking for the main phrase I’m targeting. In case you missed my initial post on my website experiment, my goal is to rank on […]

Are SEO Plugins Overrated? Whaddya Think?

To answer my own question… Yes.  I do think they are overrated. Now, pump your brakes. I’m not saying they are completely worthless, I just think some people assume they are THE definitive answer to some massive search engine ranking increase. The Advantages SEO plugins can be useful when they provide additional reporting features, display […]

Update: 150,000 Monthly Page Views – STILL No Backlink Building

You may remember my post from last August titled 100,000 Monthly Page Views & No Backlink Building. So I wanted to update you on the traffic to my hidden WordPress website I created in 2011 that I have been using to test how much organic traffic I can build without chasing backlinks. It’s been six […]