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So you want to know more about the chica behind this site, huh?


Well, let’s get the formalities out of the way, shall we?

My name is Lisa Irby [extends right hand for virtual handshake] and I am a full-time blogger, vlogger & podcaster.

I also teach a course on building a website and earning with affiliate marketing.  You can see all my courses here.

There’s nothing better than getting paid to do what you enjoy, and fortunately I’ve found a way to turn online teaching into a full-time income thanks to affiliate marketing, Google AdSense and sales of my own products.

But don’t get it twisted!  It’s hard work, and there’s a lot about this biz people don’t talk about enough!  I discuss all that here.

I absolutely love sharing what I learn along the way and I want you to benefit from those lessons too.

But before I go any further, make sure you subscribe to my email list so you don’t miss any of my new posts and exclusive tips…

Who’s Lisa?

My personality is best described as complex.  :)


I am a classic ambivert, which means I have both introverted and extroverted qualities, depending on the people and situation.

I can be extremely social (and admittedly a bit goofy) when I’m around people I am close to, but I also need my space more than the average person.

This T-shirt from Zazzle describes me to a “Tee!” (Get it?) :)

social introvert

I’m also a very self-motivated person who loves gadgets, is moderately tech savvy, loves to laugh, bowl, joke and dabble with music arrangement.

The Beginning

So how did I get started with all this?  (You can listen to the story on my first podcast if you wish.)

In January 1998, I was studying Business/HR at Truman State University in the small, college town of Kirksville, Missouri.

I was one of those students who was just focused on graduating and getting that diploma.

I had no idea what I wanted to do in the real world, but I did know that I loved computers and being on the Internet.

Little did I know, I was about to embark on a journey that would lead me to my calling…


Freshman Year

I remember spending my evenings in the university library teaching myself HTML when I probably should have been studying for exams.

Before I knew it, I was making money by building one-page websites (yes, one-page) and monetizing them with Amazon books and any other products I could find that had affiliate programs attached.

I racked in about $6,000 in nine months.  Not bad for a broke college student, eh?

Going Forward

For the next few years, I continued building mini-sites/doorway pages that promoted various products for affiliate commissions.

Search engine optimization was a breeze compared to what it is today, so I was able to rank for some pretty competitive phrases in a matter of days.  Believe it or not, I ranked #1 for “home employment” for a short while.

(Ahhhh, those were the days!)

Of course, that party ended pretty quickly, and I concluded that system was not going to provide me with any kind of stable, long-term income.

My Strategy Changes

By 2002, I had grown tired of my temporary income solutions.  If I was ever going to quit my 9 to 5  job, I needed to build something with staying power.

That’s when 2 Create a Website was born and within two years this site matched my 9 to 5 income.  By the 4th year, my Internet income was four times my 9 to 5 largely thanks to affiliate marketing and AdSense.

So I packed up my cubicle and began my journey to the land of self employment.

It’s still amazing to me how a very simple site grew into something that has allowed me to work for myself since 2006.  So here I am sharing my advice with the world.

How I Can Help You

On this blog you’ll find a selection of articles related to creating, promoting and monetizing blogs and websites.

You can keep up with my advice here by subscribing to my RSS feed or following me on Twitter.

I can also be found chatting it up on YouTube, Facebook, or Google Plus or administering my forum, WebsiteBabble.com.

In other words, I’m pretty much everywhere! :)


Now that you know more about me, feel free to tell me about yourself.  Scroll down and leave me a comment.  Even if you’re just saying “Hi”, I’d love to hear from you. :)

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  1. says

    Hi Lisa, I just found your site and I really enjoyed reading about your journey to online success. I currently make websites and I am trying to learn as much as possible about passive income. Thanks for sharing your story :)

  2. James says


    I want to earn a living online. I’m tired of the 9-5 job and the commute. Do you teach how to do that?



  3. RAJESH.R says

    Dear Liza,

    I read your Bio Data and the full time e marketing. I also want to stop my job and earning with my site. Your story attracted me to do like you.



  4. says

    Hi Lisa,
    My family recently moved and I decided to quit my job and be a stay at home mom for two years. However, after a couple glasses of wine one night I had the brilliant idea of creating my own website…not having any idea whatsoever what I was doing! Crazy as it sounds, I’m doing okay for a beginner and building slowly but still learning as I go. Even better, I’m having a blast doing it! I stumbled across your website the other day (I think I was googling info on affiliates) and I am now in awe of you! I have learned more in two days from reading your site than in the last 2 1/2 months since I started mine! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with those of us just starting out. You are the best source of information that I have found on the internet (and we both know how much info is out there)!!!

  5. Felix says

    Hi Lisa,
    My first contact with your site. Can it be of help to me? I have never made money on line since about 2006. Are there useful tips that don’t restrict Nigerian’s? For instance most site would not take Nigerians.

  6. says

    Great website! But you already knew that. :-) Love your energy. Please give me feedback on my website http://www.lifeishelpingpeople.com in 10 words or less. I’ve just taken a giant step of faith to retire from a 38 yr. career in accounting/bookkeeping/clerical jobs. My passion is to help people but especially the under 30 crew. I’ve searched the “Top 3” search engines and the sight came up in the first spot. I would appreciate any feedback that you can share with me.

  7. says

    you wont believe this Lisa i had build a web site i didn’t even put any affiliate advertising on yet it was being finished of however i sign in to Google and what the web it i number one in the search engine i can only assume it was my domain name insurance whats you opinion ? i didn’t even submit it yet for seo great ah also do you still build site as the one above i need urgently finished i am not getting much help from the site builder theres so much more i can do to make it a great site i just need a expert like you to help with the finishing touches thanks jeff australia perth

  8. says

    And the million dollar question is: “How many of Google’s 300+ ranking signals are the certainty scores for things like the disambiguation?”

    I think that in any of the many elements of search where Google has to deal with probabilities, the level of certainty Google is able to assign to such probabilities is highly likely to be factored into ranking somewhere, even if only a very minor factor.

    We know that in many searches, Google wants to provide a range of options, allowing the searcher to apply disambiguation and choice that the query could not indicate. You can only provide a range of Michael Jackson pages about a range of Michael Jacksons if you can be reasonably certain that they are *not* all talking about the same one.

  9. Trudence Thuso says

    Hi Lisa,

    Thank you for such info, in my opinion I think you got everything I have been looking for when it comes to developing sites.
    May your gift bring you make a bigger room for you and bring you before the great.

    Trudence Diatshwana


  10. says

    Hey Lisa,

    I love the post. All too often people end up just quickly mentioning these strategies without going into detail – so it’s refreshing to see it broken down.

    I thought it was worth a share, so I shared on my Facebook and Twitter.

    Cheers for the info!

  11. says


    First I am very thankfull for this blog and your site.. its excellent work anr also your story… I just want to start addsens and I read your blog. I was thinking that I cant do adsense but after reading your articles and special your life story I motivated and yes no I can because my dear lisa is with me…. thank you dear

  12. AgentWomenday says

    Hi Lisa,
    I wish to thank you for your help…I found your teaching style clear, direct and accurate!
    I think you are a genuis (ginius), and I hope your success bring you happiness.
    Many intellects find themselves off-balanced….it is NOT EASY being independent and NOT stressed. I wish you continued happiness and satisfaction…I also hope you learn the social-net…many partnerships can be found online!
    Thanks for being a good teacher.

  13. John says

    Hello Lisa.
    last time you gave me the explanation of what you do,
    i am receiving many invitations of joining and make money online
    but am really a newbie, i don’t know what to choose. after reading many materials i decided to host a website. am wondering what you should recommend me between host gator or hoststilla. check them out and give me the advice.

  14. says

    Hi Lisa. Been trying many times but never to any success. Ithink I am lucky to get to your site. Writing from this side of the world, I would like to know as to how I can get full access of your teaching and teaching materials.

  15. says

    Hi Lisa, I’ve experienced a degree of success in network marketing and, like you, my passion is teaching others how they achieve SUCCESS! Until I happened upon your site, I felt lost and a bit overwhelmed. You have given me the confidence & tools I need.


  16. says

    Hi Lisa, I really admire for your work. Wow You have been earning money from internet since I had no idea about it.
    Great work. Keep on going. I also enjoy your book a lot

  17. Gary says

    I am researching creating my website, additionally I am taking a class on how to design websites. Both are very informative. What I have also done, through networking, I have befriended someone who owns a webhosting business, is find out what I can do to give me maximum exposure through my efforts. One thing that was mentioned was, make sure no matter where I host my website, make sure I maintain ownership of my domain name.

    It was mentioned that some hosting sites offer to register your site for you, but when you try to switch hosting providers, they realized they shared ownership of the domain. :-(

  18. says

    Thank you Lisa for all you share! I’ve managed a somewhat successful online biz now for 2 years and though I’ve been able to quit my day job I’m looking to start expanding to AdSense and other outside means of income. Your advice has given me great ideas and I really appreciate what you do. May your success continue to grow. You deserve it!

  19. Kathy says

    I sorta stumbled across your site, but have watched many or all of your You Tube lessons…? lack of a better word! I am now 61 and disabled but it is almost crazy to live off Social Security. So..you sparked a fantastic idea in me. A site for us poor old retired folks.
    It’s difficult and if you don’t have retirement besides SSI you will find yourself at the churches asking for food. Oh yes, that has been cut also..(food stamps). Personally, I dreadfully hate having to depend on anyone, so my sweet girl thank you for arranging my brain cells in a line so I can get something going to make a little money.
    Keep up the wonderful “real” truth about online business’s.

  20. says

    Hi Lisa,
    I have been a subscriber of your YouTube channel since shortly after I big chopped in Oct. 2009. I have been teaching a technology class for some time now and I know that there are other ways to capitalize on all the knowledge I have, I just have not figured out how to. If you could please help. I have started a blog… Not much on it, and i’m not really doing much with it yet. I creates a meetup group on meetup.com for natural hair…. not really having much success… Help, anyone

  21. Natha says

    I just seen your video of customizing wordpress themes and i really love it ..
    it’s good that you are sharing your knowledge with strangers while few people just don’t..
    keep updating about new tips n tricks about wordpress in my mail and keep notifying me. Stay chill n Have Fun.. keep smiling..
    Thank you.

    Natha Khistariya

  22. says

    Hello Lisa
    I am a college student into my second year.When i was in my first year my friend introduced me to making money with adsense through website and i taking keen interest in this.I studied tons of blogs and most of the successfull blogger like you helped newbies like me very much.I hope by the end of 4th year i can manage to earn more than what i will get in my 9 to 5 job.And your article are just amazing and really helped me a lot.Looking forward for earning through affliate marketing.
    Thanxx for your kind help and motivating us with your story :)

  23. david MAXWELL says

    Hello Ms. Lisa. I am glad that I read this page as it has helped me in what I am thinking about. You have responded to my posts on Youtube and Websitebabble, and I appreciate that. I have a lot of questions and I look forward to heaing what people have to say about the topics because I am here to learn…. Why did you quit doing HTML o do you still do it???? Also is it important to get you site copyrighted????? Just two questions now but I have way more……..

  24. says

    Hey Lisa, I love the way you write with so much passion, and with the end-user in mind. I found your information about the Google Author page helping page rank very informative. In the past I’d been buying aged domains, utilizing the caches to re-create the same sites that were gone (if the site still had it’s pagerank), then linking to my main pages from it to create very powerful backlinks. Things of that nature. Being so busy with luxury real estate has kept me out of the loop, but knowing you are keeping tabs on everything is very beneficial to me, as I know I can get your opinion on some things when I need it, being that we are aiming at two totally different markets.

  25. says

    Hi Lisa, I have been reading and following your teachings for about a year and a half now, just thought I finally said hi lol, I think everything you do on this site is very positive and very helpful, thank you for taking the time in teaching people like me.

  26. says

    Hi Lisa,

    Just downloaded several web design templates found over the internet that led one to this website by Lisa Irby, reckoned they will be useful as a starter deck of cards in building an online presence, it would be great that somebody can advise on any acknowledgement that will serve due credit to the creator (presumably Lisa Irby) — previously the other templates downloaded had a footer statement on the HTML pages that read “Free Templates by So-And-So” — it’s pure sheer speculation tha Lisa Irby is the creator of these templates

  27. says

    Hi Lisa,

    First of all I would like to congratulate you for your successful work that you have been doing. It was nice to learn that you love to teach people.

    About your site I would like to say you are a inspiration for the people who want to create an online empire just like you had created.

    Thanks for all the information you have been sharing!


  28. Saurabh says

    There are many free messaging websites from where we can send free text msgs to mobile no.
    So i want to know how to make such a website. Plz guide me if you have any idea about buliding such a website.

  29. says

    Woooow, this is quite impressive. Your so full of knowledge. I reckon you must have been a bookworm to have so much information on your head… :). Nice stuff and keep up the good work, bless. I’m quite inspired no doubt.


  30. says

    Hi, Lisa, a great site, I always make sure to drop by and read your latest writings, thanks for all the information you have provided so far. Your post about huge traffic without backlinks proves that honest content is the key to success, keep rocking.!

  31. says

    Lisa, I like what you’re doing; however, I wonder why you’re promoting Genesis. I can’t find that it is any better than other so-called professional themes, and if fact, I can’t see where it is better than some of the free themes. Just would like your opinion.
    South Korea

    • says

      Hiya Dean,

      Great question. Of course there are tons of great free themes, BUT free themes often have HORRIBLE support (if it exists at all). I love that Genesis always keeps their themes up-to-date when WordPress updates their software, etc. I’ve been burned by outdated free themes in the past and I wouldn’t risk it.

      Premium themes often have better code (great for SEO) and also more internal features than many of the free themes. But if you find one with great support and you are confident they will be there to help if your theme breaks with a sudden WordPress upgrade then by all means go for it. :)

  32. Saurabh says

    i compared the hosting prices of website palace and godaddy and founded that godaddy offers same facilities which websitepalce offers at half the price. So is it worth going for godaddy????

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