Obsessed With Your Twitter Follower Count?

I was perusing through my Twitter stream and noticed a couple of resolutions that involved increasing Twitter follower counts. Of course, it looks impressive to have a bunch of followers, but shouldn’t the real goal be to get more conversions, responses, clicks, etc. from your followers and connect with them? I remember when I first […]

Tools to Automate Your Social Media Promotion

Automation can be great for business, as long as it’s used in moderation. Obviously you don’t want to become an impersonal social media robot, but finding the right mix of automation and personal interaction can really improve your productivity and sales. Even though I don’t do a ton of automation myself, I realize it has […]

What’s Your Twitter RT Etiquette?

I’m probably shooting myself in the foot by writing this, because it could be taken the wrong way.  But I would really like some feedback on this issue. One common Twitter strategy that seems to be growing in popularity is when people @mention someone to let them know they’ve been mentioned in an article they […]