The 2 Create a Website Podcast

The 2 Create a Website Podcast

Welcome to the homepage of my podcasts.  My episodes launch on the 15th of every month.

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The Episodes

Episode 011: Niche vs. Broad Websites — Did You Make The Right Choice?
Why you can be successful with both, and tips for making a broader website work for you if you decide not to go with a niche site.

Episode 010: Amazon CPM Ads — Can They Compete With AdSense?
Amazon has an ad program that pays you by impression. I discuss how it worked for me, strategies for setting your own ad prices and more.

Episode 009: Make Money Selling Courses Online
Learn about Udemy and why it can be a great opportunity to earn online even if you don’t have a heavily trafficked website or online following.

Episode 008: Avoiding a Google Penalty and Responding to a Warning/Manual Action
Learn what can cause a penalty with your website and my experience with receiving a manual action. Discover how to reply to Google if you get a warning.

Episode 007:  How to Make Passive Income With Spreadshirt
Print on demand affiliate programs are a fun and convenient way to monetize your website — especially if you want to sell T-shirts and don’t want to deal with printing, shipping, etc. Discover numerous ways to get designs and how to promote your store.

Episode 006:  Can You Give Away Too Much Free Content?
What are the implications of providing an abundance of free information? Sure, it’s great for building a following, but should there be limits?

Episode 005:  A Critical Lesson on Topic Direction and How to Prevent Feeling Overwhelmed
What my hair site taught me about standing out in a niche, and strategies that will prevent you from feeling overwhelmed when you first start your website.

Episode 004: How to Build Passive Traffic With Pinterest
Strategies for using the popular image sharing site for driving traffic back to your website.  This podcast will make you think twice about the images you place on your site.

Episode 003:  Google AdSense: How to Attract High-Paying Ads, Myths and More!
Get numerous tips for maximizing your earnings.  Also learn about the three different ads and which one has the best earning potential. Discover why your earnings are low and much more.

Episode 002: How Your WordPress Navigation Can Kill Your Traffic and Conversions
Is your content arranged for what makes the most sense for YOUR visitors and the search engines?  This podcast will may make you reconsider your navigation.

Episode 001: Introducing Lisa, Income Diversification and Affiliate Tips
Discover how I got started with Internet marketing and learn about how I diversify my online income. Plus, get tips to earn more with affiliate programs.

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  1. says

    Just wanted to say, I am loving your podcasts Lisa! I agree that you have a great voice for it. It’s nice to listen in and get great tips while working on the computer. Thanks for all that you do! :)

  2. says

    Nice, now we are going to be able to listen to your beautiful voice always and everywhere! Keep going Lisa, thanks for your initiatives

  3. Lamont Conley says

    Just received your email Ms. Irby and look forward to your continued sharing. Continued success and I will continue to listen, read and learn. Peace.

  4. says


    Glad to see you have a podcast. I’d love to know if you do interviews with other podcasters. I’d love to interview you. Please reach back out to me.


  5. says

    I’m delighted you’re doing podcasts now. I myself am on the verge of starting one. I’ve been watching your YouTube channel for a while and you DO have a great recording voice. You’re a natural speaker.

  6. says

    Hi Lisa, I’ve been enjoying your videos for some time and just thought I’d say hello. My brother originally referred me to your content, great stuff! I’ll send you a copy of a WordPress Plug-in I’m finishing up in a few weeks, my first. I’d like to get your feedback when you have time. Bless!

  7. Ben Zhao says

    Hi Lisa,
    The information you shared is really useful. I also like to hear your voice which is wonderfully nice.

  8. Leroy Davis says

    Hello Lisa! I must say that I really, really love your podcasts, your videos, your blog posts, etc. You really do make learning easy! I love your transparency as well as your sincerity. You inspire me to keep going. You give me the confidence to keep on pushing, and to not let my dream of creating a successful online business die. You are very knowledgeable, and you explain some of the most complex topics in a way that even a three year old can understand. I must say that you are my go to person for everything pertaining to effectively starting a website or blog for the purpose of creating passive income. I really appreciate you.



  9. Hamza says

    Hey..can you please make a podcast of how to use FileZilla to make a website by word. I need to know what to do to access FileZilla and upload the files. I don’t know how to connect in it.

  10. Anonymous says

    I am now listening to your most excellent iTunes podcast and I am interested in doing something similar. I would appreciate your advice on getting started so that I can further my education on educational technology and apply it simultaneously.


  11. RAJESH.R says

    Dear Liza,

    Yesterday i discovered your site for opening a web site for me. i learned several things from your site. I also subscribed you to learn more things. Thanks for your co-operation.


    India (kerala, gods own country)

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