Must-Read Articles on Promoting and Making Money From Your Site

Website Success Tips I’ve compiled an up-to-date listing of the most thought-provoking and popular posts on this blog.  Enjoy!

New or struggling to make money online?  Watch my complete video tutorial that shows you how to create a successful content, income-generating website.

Building Traffic

How SEO Has Changed and The Future

Why Your Blog is Getting Ignored and What to Do About It!
There’s so much content being posted now.  So what do you do to get noticed?

Stop.  Feel Like You’re Marketing With a Blindfold On? Not Getting Results? Here’s Help!
If you are new to Internet marketing or struggling with your site, this eye-opening article will nudge you in the right direction and help with prioritization.

How to Build Traffic With Pinterest and Infographics
Check out my little experiment with creating a very simple infographic in Photoshop and sharing it on Pinterest.

ARE SEO Plugins Overrated?  Do They REALLY Increase Your Traffic?
I think they are a bit over-hyped.  In fact, I uninstalled mine.  Find out why.

Did Google Kill The Content Niche Model?
There have been a lot of Google updates in the past year.  Here’s my take on the future.

100,000  Monthly Page Views Without Chasing Backlinks
Learn about my newest site that I built up with absolutely no backlink building — an activity I despise and hate doing.

Your Traffic Tanked from Google’s Algorithm Update.  Now What?
Relying on Google for your traffic is a terrible business mistake.  Discover a simple email marketing tip that can keep your visitors engaged and continue to build traffic back to your site.

Improve Your Blog’s Revenue, Traffic and Bounce Rate by Using WordPress Menus and Static Pages
The most important content of a blog often get buried because bloggers don’t make use of static pages and custom menus.

How to Build a List:  Why Would Someone Bother to Sign Up and How to Retain Them
An awesome guest post by Ana Hoffman.  If you’re ignoring list marketing, you’re making a big mistake online.

Are You Forgetting to Deep Link Your Pages?
It’s such a simple SEO technique that can drastically improve your traffic, but often neglected and forgotten.

The Ugly Truth Google Panda Exposed About Your Business
An important message to those of you relying too heavily on Google traffic.

How I Doubled My Blog Traffic in Two Months
Even though this post was written years ago, it’s still a favorite here because the advice is still very relevant today.

Making Money Online

How Fear Cost Me Money
Are you hesitant about creating your own product because you fear no one would buy?  Or maybe you don’t know what to sell.  This article will offer up some inspiration.

Why is it So Dang Hard to Make Money Online Today?
If you want to succeed online today, here are some points you must address.

My Top 7 Money Makers Online
An updated list that shows how I make money with my websites.

How to Increase Your Conversions and Income from Clickbank
My strategy is so simple, yet effective.  Making money with Clickbank or any affiliate program is all about keeping it real.

The Absolute Worst Advice I’ve Ever Received
This post was inspired by a critic who gave me the most terrible business advice ever.

My Record Google AdSense Earnings
I have been earning with AdSense since its inception in 2003.  This is a great post to read if you need some inspiration or you have doubts about the potential of Google AdSense.

7 AdSense Strategies You Should Adopt
No point in showing you my record earnings without giving you some actionable advice, right?

How Does Your Blog Make Money?
Ever wonder how everyone else is making money online?  Check out this post where my readers reveal how they’re cashing in online!

6 Noteworthy Lessons I’ve Learned as an Affiliate Marketer
When I first started as an affiliate, I got it all wrong.  Now, I want to keep you from making the same mistakes I did.


WordPress vs. Pages and SEO
Does it really matter if you create Pages or Posts in WordPress?  Hear my thoughts.

Why I Ditched the Thesis WordPress Theme
Find out why I left Thesis and switched to WooThemes.

My Love/Hate Relationship With WordPress Websites
Even though WordPress has improved when it comes to giving bloggers more control over their navigation, there’s still work to do on our part.

8 Ways to Revive Old Posts
Actionable tips by Hector Cuevas that will help resurrect some of your archived content.

Encouragement & Advice

Three Stages Every Website Owner Must Go Through
This is one of my favorite guest posts because I believe we all can relate on some level.

Quick Tips for Frustrated Newbies
If you are in a place where you feel like giving up, this post will offer some encouragement.

5 Poor Excuses for Failure
OK, the title may not sound very encouraging, but I promise this post will uplift you.

My Failures.  Your Lessons.
Take the mistakes I made and turn them into lessons for your business.

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